Dayak needs some purrs

My bloggies furriends, with my human being completely inconsistent, I discovered only today that a French bloggie furriend had health issues with skin blotches (I think that’s how we say in English) over her body that are very itchy.

My furriend’s name is Dayak and Dayak’s vet prescribed cortisone to help her.

If you have a minute today, would you mind stopping by her bloggie or send some purrs?

Here is her last post and here is the homepage to her blog.

If you want to leave a comment, click on “laisser un commentaire” and leave your name, email or blog url (optional) and comment and don’t forget to tick the little box (the text says that racial insults are forbidden by law)

I hope she gets better real soon! We’re sending lots of purrs sweetie! Pleins de ronrons pour toi !

23 thoughts on “Dayak needs some purrs

  1. Thanks for your nice purrs !
    Je m’occupe au mieux de Dayak durant cette semaine de travail qui est très chargée pour moi (la prochaine le sera moins, ouf !). Je lui donne ses médicaments et joue un peu avec elle. Pour l’instant, elle se gratte un peu moins mais le traitement la fatigue beaucoup alors… chut ! laissons-la dormir !
    Je vous donnerai des nouvelles régulièrement !

  2. Dayak, c’est notre copinette et on ne manque jamais une page de son blog qu’on adore! On lui a envoyé aussi plein de pensées positives pour guérir vite!

  3. Thank you all for your messages and purrs. Dayak’s Mom left a message above saying that Dayak was itching a little bit less but the medication was tiring her a lot and she was sleeping a lot.
    I will let you know when I learn more.

  4. I hope she is feeling better soon! We used Google translate to send her a message–so actually, we have no idea what we might have said! XOXOXO

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