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Dear Furriends,

Sorry for another hiatus (vocab building project VBP). Of course it is not my fault again. Well kind of.
First, the human said she felt blue (could be my fault – thinking that maybe I didn’t put enough of my white hair on the t-shirt), then she didn’t have time (Hmpf! Not my fault!), then she drove Kitshka crazy with this cool new toy I won thanks to Ms. Deb Barnes of Zee & Zoey (more on this tomorrow hopefully).

Can you tell we have been waiting to have access to the computer?

Texas: Can I blog now?
Kitshka: Is that Greenies in her hand?

So, this is a short blog post because my human has to go back to work… but I want to make her commit to type my blog posts… so posts to come will include thanking our furriends who nominated us for awards, thanking Mollie and Alfie for spooking us, sharing the fun we had with the prizes we received recently. And of course, sharing our daily life which is much more interesting than the human going to work, don’t you think?

Also, resuming reading your blogs is urgent matter… I hope you will forgive us again. In the meantime, I hope you are all doing fine and Kitshka and I are sending purrs. Lots of purrs!

36 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Texas, you need NO forgiveness or apologies! I’ve been jacking my MomKatt up too on this very subject. It is NOT our fault!

    And you’re lookin’ mighty cute there … and MomKatt is DYING over Kitshka’s adorable tummy!!!

    You guys have a super week & we look forward to reading you more often!

    Your one-eyed furriend Selina

  2. Well, it’s about time Texas..I’d sack her..this just isn’t on..We miss you. Did you see your Spook? Humom said she will mail it to you’z :) Don’t worry going back all over our posts..just come’z to the latest one and have some treats :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I have the same problem than you : mu Mum always says she must go to work and she is not at home for loooong days, or she is there but she has brought homework and has no time for me ! That’s unbearable !
    Well, the most important is that I’m feeling much better now, no more ugly plaques ! But with the cortisone, Iam always hungry, I’ve even began to stole Mum’s food ! Come and read the details on my blog, you’ll have a big laugh !
    Purrs to you and your human !

  4. seriously, Kitshka, those are some pawsome bunny killing footsies you have there, especially for such a small kitty bwwaaahahahahha!!! And you know my staff has been frantic for over a month now with this “move excuse” for not visiting my furriends, but I gave her a warning, put my paw down…enough is enough…no gym not boxes no nothing until she gets my visits back to regular…harrruummppffff

  5. Tell Mum we love your blog and each post a pleasure to read, but not to stress, blogging is meant to be fun, not a chore. rather a few happy posts than a lot of short stressed out Texas aint happy posts!

    Dash Kitten

  6. Minnie loves her greenies too and she sends you both kitty hugs and lots of kitty loves:)
    You are both dang cute and very sweet kitty angels and I send you both good rubs under the chin….belly rubs….behind the ears scratch and rubs and just nice sweet prayers and pets:)

  7. Oh Texas it’s nice to see you and your little sister again! We all understand how tough it is to get our humans to do what we want them to do sometimes instead of what THEY want to do BUT when your Mom has time, I’m sure she’ll loan you the computer for blog hopping purposes! Meanwhile you and Kitshka look like you’re best buds and enjoying each other’s company – that’s great…….concats on your awards and prizes – it’s fun to win stuff isn’t it?

    Kitty Hugs for both of you, Sammy

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