A tiny bit about Sandy and my new box

First things first: sorry for another period without posts on my blog or without me visiting your bloggies. My human cannot go to work tomorrow because of the hurricane (she’s not pleased – she’s doing her back of disrespect to the weather) so I’ll be able to spend some time with her to work on my blog and read your lovely posts.

That is, if Hurricane Sandy isn’t cutting off our Internet connection and/or our electricity. Sandy is arriving on our shores tomorrow (winds tonight). Trains, subways and busses have been shut down, schools in NYC will be closed tomorrow and part of NYC is being evacuated.

I could not care less. But the humans seem to be taking this seriously. So just so you know, if you don’t hear from us in the next few days, that may be because of Sandy and not my human.

Also, if we don’t have a blackout, we might schedule post that would go online after a blackout (thanks to WordPress scheduling option). So if posts go online but you don’t see us on your bloggie or answering comments, a blackout may have happened after we scheduled a couple of posts. Are you following me?

STAY SAFE everyone on the East Coast (especially)!

In the meantime, here is my new box. My human says it is too small for me, but I don’t see why. Do you?

73 thoughts on “A tiny bit about Sandy and my new box

  1. Oh, Texas, we’re in Virginia and are having some strong winds and it’s been raining since last night (3 1/2 inches so far). Stay safe; hope you don’t lose your internet!
    And I think the box is the purrfect size!
    Love, Sundae

  2. Take care, dear Texas! I hope that nothing bad happens with Sandy! Thank you for the news and many hugs to you and your humans. This box seems to be done for you :-)

  3. We humans are so unreasonable about boxes. Oliver often finds a box that is perfect for him but I say it is too small.

    Good luck with the storm. I’m hoping you have a couple days of snuggle time with no horrible side effects like power outages.

  4. Hi Texas,
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll not be (too) bad for you and your human – and all the people in Sandy’s path.
    Good luck, and stay safe,
    P.S.: And enjoy your box!

  5. Texas we hope you all stay nice and cozy and safe there – we aren’t going to have it as bad as you in NY but we’re still going to be dealing with high winds and lots of WET! Tonight will be the worst of it for us here in Virginia where we live. I think the fact you got a new box just in time to “weather the storm” is purrfect!!!! Seems to be that you and that box were made for each other………..

    Stay safe pal……….
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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  7. a bit of an overflow problem but it is such a nice box.

    please stay safe ,,,that is most important…I shall pray that you are all safe. If you do have power cuts, as is likely, we shall just have to wait until all is restored to normal.

    Please stay safe all of you and keep purring

  8. Salut Texas, j’espère que tout le monde va bien chez toi et que Sandy ne vous causera pas de grands dommages. J’ai toujours entendu dire que les chats ressentent fortement et bien avant les humains l’arrivée d’un ouragan, mais j’ai un jour vécu l’arrivée d’un cyclone à l’Île de la Réunion, avec ma chatte précédente, et elle n’a jamais dormi aussi profondément que le jour où les vents violents ont balayé l’île ! Il faut dire que le cyclone nous avait finalement évités, seule la queue nous avait touchés, c’était peut-être pour cela… Bref, reste bien calfeutré avec tes humains et tout devrait bien se passer. On attend de vos nouvelles avec impatience !
    PS : Quant à cette boîte, elle est exactement de la bonne taille, ce sont tes humains qui n’y connaissent rien, évidemment ! :lol:

  9. Liousha : Prenez soin de vous, soyez prudents. La taille de la boîte ? Je dirais qu’elle est parfaite !
    Tiki : Euh, je suis pas d’accord !
    Liousha : Ah bon ?
    Tiki : Vi, la largeur de la boîte me semble parfaite. Mais je trouve que la longueur est un poil trop grande !
    Graous graous.

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