My Three Moggies Update

It seems like their site has crashed and is for now inaccessible :-(

Hope our furriends will be back online soon and that they have not lost everything like they said they might have in the comments of my previous post.

Gotta go backup my blog, methinks.

Purrs to Archie, Oscar and Henry and their humans!

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: They are back with for now


20 thoughts on “My Three Moggies Update

  1. Thanks Texas we have gone back permanently Please continue following us xxx
    Again thank you so much for the shouts you really are good blogging friends it has really touched us xxx

  2. I saw that post – I am dying to know what happened! My human avoided self-hosted WordPress for years because the interface was beyond her. She thinks it is pretty user-friendly now… but then she is part-techie. It is easy to think you killed a site when it was just a plugin conflict or something – but figuring that out is beyond the majority of bloggers! I think the creators of these programs like making the technicalities just beyond the reach of most humans.

    Going off to change the URL address on my reader now.

  3. oh, is it a customized blog but still hosted by WP is great but I´m having trouble commenting and liking posts on some pal blogs, especially in the US and Australia – dunno why but I suspect some block German IPs for whatever reasons. Hope it will work for me! xxx´s

  4. I don’t know the Three Moggies, but it seems that Mollie and Alfie lost their blog too. I was a real warning–we had not backed up in a year but we did so last night. It’s so sad to lose all that history!!! XOXOXO

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