Another this & that and a lot of thank yous

My human has been postponing this post for too long now: the thank yous to furriends for awards and other nice attentions.


I am very very VERY late in thanking our furriends Mollie and Alfie for creating a great Halloween costume for me. I know Halloween is over but I still want to thank my furriends and show you what they did:

They are currently dressing furriends for Christmas everyday, so go check their site!


Now for the awards… I am even more late in accepting them so I hope you won’t be too mad at me. I will bend the rules just a little. I will answer the questions for each award (or let Kitshka or Milou answer) but I will nominate 15 fellow bloggers for all the awards and they can pick and choose some or all of them.

1. For the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, I have to thank Princess Zena as well as Mollie & Alfie, and Sammy, and Angel’s Whisper, and Cats & Co. Thank you!

For this award, I must finish the sentence ”A Great reader is…”

A great reader is a reader who cares about reading what he or she is actually reading and focuses on the reading

2. For the Shine On Award, I have to thank Minnie Mouse at Hot Rod Cowgirl. Thank you!

For this award, I have to share 7 things about myself and answer some questions. I’ll let Kitshka answer for herself.

#1 Any food that I can get my paw on will be eaten, even if it’s Texas’ or Milou’s food
#2 I growl when Milou is trying to taste my food
#3 The female human has plenty of nicknames for me, the most frequent being “Petite Belle”
#4 I like to be petted by the female human when I eat
#5 I like to explore the world on the male human’s shoulder
#6 I like to read bloggies with Texas. Although I am often distracted, never am I when I read Quill’s bloggie!
#7 I enjoy watching TV

The questions to answer (still by Kitshka):

– What is my favorite color?
Just about any
– What is my favorite Non-Alcoholic drink?
Tuna juice!
– What is my favorite animal?
– Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?
What’s that?
– What is my favorite number?
3 (the number of Greenies I usually get by combining mine and Milou’s)
– What is my favorite flower?
What’s that?
– What is my passion?
Running around like crazy!


3. For the Beautiful Blogger Award, I have to thank bodhisattvaintraining. Thank you!

I already have this award so I won’t go through the acceptance again. But thank you so much for thinking of me!


4. For the Seven Things About Me Award, I have to thank Princess Zena, and Savannah, and Binky. Thank you!

Milou? 7 things about you? No need to hiss at me! Pfft

#1 I snore when I sleep
#2 I am starting to play a little bit with Kitshka
#3 I like my human very much, I like to snuggle on his lap
#4 I like to eat a lot
#5 I made myself a new bed with my human’s wife’s backpack
#6 I steal food from Kitshka’s bowl when the humans aren’t around (which is not often enough!)
#7 I still miss Grouik


5. For the Super Sweet Blogging Award, I also have to thank Binky Thank you!

I already have this award so I won’t go through the acceptance again. But thank you so much for thinking of me!


I have two other special awards that I will share separately, on Thursday (the Blog of the Year Award – Thank you Zena! – and a special award by my furriend Bowie, that I want to acknowledge).
I hope I didn’t forget anyone. If I did, meow in the comments and I will have my human give me a treat for her mistake!


In the meantime, here are our nominees. It is difficult to choose just 15, so I will try to nominate new furriends or furriends I have not nominated before (Yes Kitshka, we will nominate Quill! Stop pulling my tail now!!!).
You can pick all of the awards above, or just the one you don’t have or the ones you want. Or none if you’re not into awards, I understand =^.^=

1. Quill at Housecat Confidential
2. Dayak at Les aventures de Dayak
3. Da Tabbies at Trout Towne
4. Star and Leo at Celestial Kitties
5. Bailey at Bailey Boat Cat
6. Mollie and Alfie at Mollie and Alfie
7. Archie, Oscar and Henry at My Three Moggies
8. Esme and all her family at Critters in the Cottage
9. Katie Isabella at Katie Isabella
10. Spitty at Spitty Speaks
11. Nellie at Cat from Hell
12. Captain and Billy at Wheezyrider
13. Selina at One Eye on the Future
14. Janis at Catonauts
15. Dash Kitten at Dash Kitten

Now my dear furriends, if you will excuse me, I need a nap.

53 thoughts on “Another this & that and a lot of thank yous

  1. Awww Texas! Thank you for thinking of us! What a collosol effort there – and Frankenweenie looks GREAT! Or you look great as … oh, never mind! MOL

    In fact, I’ve gotten several awards over the last few months that I’VE needed to do just what you’ve done here on yours! MomKatt KEEPS promising me laptop time … she’s got a FULL WEEK OFF during Xmas, so she’s planning to catch me up!

    We’re glad we’re furriends with you and Kitshka!


  2. whew! well with that many awards, and more to talk about later, AND do many given to you 2-3 times by different furriends…hmmm….I’m thinking that makes Texas one very special mancat!!! You are my furriend for sure Texas, and I really like Kitshka lots…but well, you know…high paws Tex! Savannah

  3. Wow guy’z I feel’z so much better now..All your saved up awards look like ours but wez can’t remember who gave them too uz..BOL, now that’z real bad. Wez pleased you liked your Halloween..Did you put your name down for Chriztmazed picture? Just give me the nod :) Thank you for giving uz the award and big ConCatulations on all of them :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Wowwie!! Zowwie! Now that is lots of awards yous is writing about! Me would has been exausted and falled asleep half way though!
    Thanks so much for including me in your klist of recipients! Me is furry honored that yous included us, and we wants to thanks yous for stopping by for Bob. She can’t believes how many is purraying for hers. She is falling down when she walks – especially on the floors – as she is very unsteady on her feets. Mommy is going to has to trim all the furs between her toes. Good thing we still has the doggy ramp up the stairs in the back cuz she is too big to carry up the stairs.

  5. That is a long list of awards. Well done to remember who gave them all to you. We are very behind in our awards too and soon need to get it organized.But well done getting all those awards and you well deserve them.
    Have a fantastic day.

  6. aaaawe, thank you so very much, Texas. And I so understand you need a nap after this long list of awards :) I´ve bookmrked this page and promise i will visit each blog I don´t know … well, almost all MOL (What reminds me I aways waned to update m blogroll *sighs*)

  7. conga ratz two ewe texas on winnin all de trofeez N awards N thanx mew for thinkin oh uz….we trooly appreciatez a nap anda nod in R directshun….speekin oh naps, we hope ewe enjoyed yur nap and got plentee oh pizza pies as snaks when ya waked up !!! thanx mew again; peace out N rock on, long live trout !

  8. Concats! Concats! Concats! That was a lot of awards! We loved all those answers & do believe a nap is in order. Oui Oui likes to be scratched while she eats too. She’ll stop until she gets them too.

  9. Whoa Texas! Concatulations–what a lot of awardies….and what a lot of work to post about them all (I just got catched up too!) Since my Human is an English teacher, we of COURSE took the reading one! We’ll post about it as soon as I can get the LAZY Human to cooperate. Enjoy your nappy!

  10. Concatulations!!!! Thank you soooo much for thinking of me too Texas! I’m so excited! I’m not sure how it works to accept an award and put it on my blog, but I will try and figure it out with the humans! =^.^= Bisous Bailey

  11. My goodness Texas you and the gang certainly have raked in the awards haven’t you! Well, it just shows how much all of us love you and how much we think of you when it comes to passing on awards to friends. It’s hard to keep up sometimes isn’t it?! A very big concatulations and you, Milou and Kitshka did a grand job with your acceptance “speech” !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. Hi, Texas ! Je suis bien contente que tu aies pensé à moi et que tu m’aies “awardisée” mais je ne sais pas trop ce que je dois faire maintenant ! Sur ma plate-forme de blog, on n’a pas d’awards !
    Help ! Peux-tu me dire ce que je dois faire ?

    PS : Je continue à lire tous tes articles, mais Maman manque terriblement de temps pour laisser des comms en ce moment ! On est désolées, on essaiera de se rattraper quand l’emploi du temps nous le permettra !
    Bises à toute la famille !

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