About the award post…

Er, how about postponing it again? My human has this purrsonal (the nerve) thingie to do which includes reading stuff on paper. She says it is very impawtant for her (yeah right – can’t be more impawtant than me!) and that she has to do it. Plus, her head is going to explode if she spends 10 more minutes in front of her computer, she says.

So she just gave me 5 minutes to post and apologize to the furriends who awarded us. We will post er… we will not say anymore when but we will post about these awards at some point.

Lazy human. That’s what the song says about my human! Pfft. Here are the tocks of disrespect!

36 thoughts on “About the award post…

  1. Sheesh! I know what you mean! I have some furry cool awards piled up that the Human keeps saying, “Yes Spitty, I know. We’ll get to them soon” and then..NUFFING happens! She does other posts she had planned and then she gets all lazy and watches TV or surfs on the computer and I just can’t do a thing with her. Sigh.

  2. Texas I think you need a slightly bigger bag…..you have a bit of “hangover” there my friend. HAHA Tell your Mom to “chill” – everybody understands about humans getting exploding heads from being at the compawter too much!

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hey Texas, Jet here. Hi Miss Carine.

    Dude, have patience, they humans do their best… strangely enough, they have other things to do besides focus on our stuff… shocking, but true. :)

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