Important activity at our casa: gift wrapping and sending

So I had to help my human wrap gifts to our winner RumblePurr as well as to our Secret Paws (shhhh!).

I love wrapping activities (especially when it involves ribbons, although my human is always holding the ribbon).

It took a little longer because my human picked up the wrong package at the post office. So she had to go back…
Kitshka and I did inspect the content of the package to make sure nothing was missing.

Okay human, you can send it... now!

Okay human, you can send it… now!

For a hint at our secret paws package, click here. Thanks to Truffle and Brulee for organizing Secret Paws!!

[there’s also a little something on its way to Mollie and Alfie]

43 thoughts on “Important activity at our casa: gift wrapping and sending

  1. Somebody is in for a lovely surprise. We did our Secret Paw through Nip and Bones because international shipping is so expensive. Also we are helping support the business of another blogger.

  2. We think if you guys were working at the Post Office, they’d be MAKING money instead of LOSING it! Great job! (And one must ALWAYS lay on the wrapping paper. I learned that snoopervising the gift wrapping around my house last Xmousie!)


  3. Oh I love gift wrapping activities too AND I think Mom will be wrapping tomorrow since a bunch of stuff she ordered came today! YAY! Also, my stocking has some lumps in it and WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!! It sounds like you are getting in the holiday spirit there sending off your Secret Paws gifts and other prezzies for friends AND Texas – you appear to be an expert at holding the paper nice and still so your Mom can cut it properly. Bravo…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy :D

  4. We just put together and shipped our Secret Paws too (photos on Thursday)! I am really excited about this one because I know these kitties well – I hope they and their human like what I had my human get them!

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