Kitshka Friday: She is back home!

First of all, thank you all very much for your purrs, thoughts and purrayers. We all really do appreciate so much!

The humans went to pick up Kitshka at the V-E-T about 1 hour ago and they say this is my little sister but I have to say she smells very different.
I first had my doubts and had to hiss and grow a little just in case, you know.

Of course, she looks like Kitshka and she acts like Kitshka: she’s all crazy and stuff, running after me and wanting to climb the furniture to get to my food. So I guess it’s really her. Her tummy has been shaved though and is all pink!

The funny part is my human running behind her saying “Non, non! Kitshka, non!”. MOL!

So what so you think, is it my little K?

She is a little tired now, so I am going to let her sleep while I’m visiting your bloggies. Thanks to all of you! We’ll be back tomorrow!

54 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: She is back home!

  1. Awwww Texas she’s beautiful! I’m so glad she’s home & I know you all are too! Meowlo Kitshka!!! *waves paw happily*

    I hope you all have a great weekend!


  2. veree happee yur sister iz home texas…N yur mom iz onlee yellin at her…coz her doez knot want her ta pull a stitch…..but just in case ewe heer like…texas…..NOE…yur mom reely meens kitshka….noe…hay, haza grate week oh end !!

  3. bon repos Kitshka, c’est bien que tu sois rentrée. (on n’aime pas non plus quand l’une de nous va chez le vétérinaire, elle revient avec des odeurs qui nous plaisent pas, mais on se reconnait mieux le lendemain et ça fait plaisir à notre maitresse)
    ronrons, câlins
    Opale et Sonye

  4. We are happy you are alright Kitshka! We didn’t visit yesterday or we would have wished you well then. Now you need to slow your legs down and rest up so that your body can heal and you can reach Texas’ food! :)

  5. My dear girl, I am so very glad you’re doing ok! You look SO lovely! I can’t believe how similar we are (except for the face – mine is more white) but you have the same colour markings and floofy tail as me!

    *swoon* *swoon* *swoon*

  6. Nice to see her home safely and I know she’ll be pleased. When I was very sick once and had to stay at the vet for a few nights they knew when I felt better because I howled all night! Then they phoned up The Producer and asked her to pick me up even though I was still yellow :-)
    I do not like being away from home and I’m sure Kitshka will be bouncing around in no time now she’s back.

  7. Aw, poor sweet darling Kitshka. Give her a little kissie for me and tell her I sympathize because *I* was just “tutored” this August even though I am already 8 years old. It was QUITE a shock let me tell you. But I recovered pretty fast and I am sure your sister will too. XOXOXO She’ll be back to her usual troublemaking self in NO time! Hide your food, Texas.

  8. Tell her that her new friends Foxie and me, Boots, are purrty understanding and glad Kitshka is home. Hope it was a better experience than Foxie. Our humans picked her up at the vet after she had to stay overnight only to be told her five kittens were aborted. They did not know she was expecting the babies. Quite a blow!

  9. Texas, I’m happy Kitshka is home again in good health. Vet-smell is awfull..yikes! Give her a big purr of us :)
    Little Binky has nominated you for The Blog of the Year, she wants to shine with you too ;)

  10. Well Texas I know she probably does smell a little funny since she’s been at the kitty hospital BUT that’s definitely her pretty little face and fluffy little body!! Once her pink tummy disappears under her fur again there will be no sign of her “big girl operation” either! I’m glad you’re making sure she gets some rest but it’s also nice to hear she’s feeling good enough to run around and chase you a bit too…tee hee…Now the two of you are READY for Christmas!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  11. Woo woo! I’m glad to see that Kitshka is now back at home! Well done Kitshka! My cat sisfur’s tummy’s pink,too! She’s got her appatite back now and steals her cat brofur’s food already! BOL! Mine is safe!
    Have a lovely Sunday Texas, Kitshka and Milou! :)

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaw poor Kitshka. My tummy was shaved too and I was NOT happy about that! But it grew back so please tell Kitshka hers will too

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