Short This and That

Just some things before we call it a day at our home.

=^.^= Some of my furriends’ humans asked for my human’s tiramisu buche recipe. Hmpf. Seriously? Okay, you can find it on her blog in English and in French. There is a picture of Kitshka that she has not posted on my blog. Double hmpf.
You’d better make me taste mascarpone next time, human!

=^.^= We want to wish our Jewish furriends a HAPPY HANUKKAH! There’s a Chanukah Blog Crawl starting today. Check it out!

=^.^= Kitshka has a new pink, catnip-packed, bunny friend. My human had got it especially for her, for after her operation.

But to say the truth, I think the bunny was more excited than Kitshka. She was more interested in what Milou was doing. She’s almost back to normal ;-)

Nite-Nite furriends!

37 thoughts on “Short This and That

  1. My human had tiramisu at some party she went to on Thanksgiving… it was nothing like your recipe! I think it was swimming in alcohol because she came stumbling into the house afterwards saying how relieved she was that she didn’t encounter a sobriety check on the way home! She wants THAT recipe.

  2. Kitshka is so darn cute! Especially when she’s holding her bunny. How adorable!

    I’m sure, though, that to her something that moves is much more interesting that something that does not.

    Glad she’s doing well.

  3. Kitshka, we sure are glad you are doing all right after your girly surgery. Be sure not to run around too much. What great pictures of you. Have a super Sunday.

  4. *waves pasw madly* HIYA! Fanks you for stopping by our blog crawl today – we’s havin’ FUN!

    And mommy sez wait, wait…that buche thingy has alcohol in it? clicking over now to see recipe! (MOL!)

  5. MY DARLING FURIENDS!!!! I gotted a PACKAGE!!!!! It’s from YOU!!!! The Human says I can’t open it till the weekend because she says it’s not close enough to Krissymouse yet–Can you IMAGINE?? That’s just an OUTRAGE!!

    We will post on the Secret Paws bloggy on the weekend–we’ll let you know which day.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so a-cited!!! XOXOXO to my sweet little girl & hope she’s all back to “normal”–whatever that is, ha ha ha!

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