I want to go to the place called Manhattan

Hiya furriends!

Yes, we are still alive. No, the world has not ended for us either. And yes, we intend to keep on blogging. My human is now on holidays for about 10 days so I expect her to take care of me and my blog!

I was a little mad at her (not too much because otherwise, Santa Paws might not come…) because the place she goes to work, the mysterious place called Manhattan, takes a lot of her time.

First, she told me that she had the opportunity to meet the lovely Ingrid King of the Conscious Cat last Wednesday. I was a little jealous! I love the Conscious Cat and Ruby & Allegra! I was glad that Ms. King autographed her latest book, Purrs of Wisdom, to my human and me though! Purrs to you! And to Ruby & Allegra!

Also, my human has been updating her own blog with a daily picture of the place called Manhattan at the time of Christmas. I couldn’t care less really. At first. But the other day, she called me and told me: “Texas, look, I’ve got some pictures for you!”

It seems that several decorations in the place called Manhattan were about animals! Yes, really! Look at the selection below and click to have a bigger view, and my comments!

But I’ve kept the best for the end, kitties! The French jewelry brand Cartier has 2 gigantic… kitties! Well, okay, probably panthers (putting a paw on your hand so you would check this link – no, you don’t need to know French). But kitties are just apartment panthers, aren’t we?

So now that I see that there are plenty of interesting things in the place called Manhattan, I think I would like to go. Yes Kitshka, you can come with me.

What do you think kitties?

40 thoughts on “I want to go to the place called Manhattan

  1. Dear Texas! You see all this time your human was thinking about you :-) All the pictures are splendid, especially those from Cartier!! But the most beautiful is the photo of you with Kitschka!! Many hugs to you both :-)

  2. Aw MAN MomKatt says! She LOVES Cartier panthers! She has a book full of pictures of vintage Cartier panther jewelry & that’s what she wants to win the lottery for – so she can start collecting! That building & those cats are PAWSOME! Thank you for sharing!

    Purrs & we hope your furramily has a wonderpurr holiday!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  3. Oh Texas! So nice to hear from you and Kitshka in time for Christmas – the photos your Mom took of Manhattan are so pretty – all the lights and decorations are quite magical aren’t they? Especially the Cartier Cats! My Mom and Dad took the train from Virginia to Manhattan one year a long time ago for Christmas – she said it was a very “Christmasy” place to be this time of year with shop windows and stuff. I love the photo of you and Kitshka – it’s nice to celebrate the holiday with someone isn’t it? Hope you and your family have a super duper Christmas!!

    Love and Holiday hugs, Sammy AND Mom

  4. We have to agree, that all those pictures are terrific of Manhatten but the best picture is the one of you and Kitshka. That is such a great picture. But thanks for all the different views. Glad you got to meet Ingrid. Bet that was fun. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

  5. We have been to Manhattan for cat shows, but we didn’t get to do any sightseeing, except for out our hotel window…There’s no place like NYC at Chrissymouse time! Our CatDad took Teri there once and she said it was like being in a movie, so magical! That year, the windows were decorated in Art Deco style with elegant fashions and ladies with finger waves, just like Coco’s, hahameow!

  6. Hey Texas, Jet here.

    Mom asked me to share that when she lived in NJ, she would visit NYC quite often and DEFINITELY during the holiday season. The best holiday windows in the world are on 5th AV!

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