Mademoiselle Kitshka’s Birthday, Boxing Day, and Thanks!

Today, Mademoiselle Kitshka is 6 month old! Happy birthday, Kitshka!
Now that you’re almost not a kitten anymore, could you stop playing with my tail? What? No. Pfft. Okay.

Here are pictures of little K. striking a paws on (in?) one of our Christmas gifts!


Since today is Boxing Day, we didn’t want to miss it! We LOVE boxes! And that is part of the wonderfulness of Christmas: boxes left behind!
I know on this day we are supposed to give our humans a gift, but aren’t we, kitties, a year-long gift, really?


And last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Ann at Pawsitively Pets for making me a drummer kitty in her fabulous Anipal Tribute to the 12 Days of Christmas. Check it out, it is fantastic! Here’s little not-so-old me:

drummer texas

Thank you Ann!

Purrs to all!

51 thoughts on “Mademoiselle Kitshka’s Birthday, Boxing Day, and Thanks!

  1. Perhaps your humans should stop buying you gifts and just go to a box store…..My kitties say that 6 months is definitely still kittyhood — annoying, stalking, racing, tripping, wonderful kittyhood. There was a great debate in this house but in the end the concensus is that you will be a kitty until there is another younger cat in the house or forever!

  2. Happy Birthday Kitshka, but for sure you are still a kitten. You probably will be for another year at least. Those pictures are the very best. You and Texas are sure getting along well and that is a good thing. Take care.

  3. Happy half birthday Kitska! It looks like you all are having a wonderful Boxing Day. As for giving the humans gift, well normally that causes them to yell and freak out. I don’t know what kind of gift they expect from a cat/hunter but it’s the thought that counts, right? We hope you enjoy your new PetFusion lounger. We have one and all four of us like it. It really keeps our claws in shape! Happy Boxing Day!
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. happee birthday two ewe kitshka N heerez ta a bazillion mor!! enjoy yur day
    n eat plentee oh pizza pies….thats what ewe can have at 6 months…at one yeer ewe earn a drivin licents !!

  5. Happy 6-month birthday Kitshka! So much excitement with Christmas, boxing day – all those wonderful pressies! I think you’re still a kitten though – besides, it’s a good excuse for getting into mischief…..! Looks like you and Texas and Milou got lots of great Christmas goodies. ENJOY…..and lots of hugs all around! :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Awww you guys look like you are having the most fantastic time in those boxes! Who needs presents when you have so many boxes anyways? And I am glad you liked your pictures! You make an awesome drummer kitty!

  7. Happy 6-month B-day, Little K! Of COURSE you are still a kitten! You are a kitten at least until your first birfday ;-) I hope you all had a cozy and wonderful Christmas! Sending you lots of love and purrs! XOXOXO

  8. Happy 6 month birthday, Kitshka! What a fun variety of boxes you had for Boxing Day. Mommy can’t believe how “un-chewed” those boxes are. Over here, boxes don’t last 5 mins before they are totally wreaked. MOL!

  9. Kitshka, happy belated birthday. We were so busy celebrating Hemingway’s birthday on the 25th that we missed yours. However, we are sure that you celebrated for days before and after. You sure were lucky to have all those boxes! Purrs to you and your household!

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