48 thoughts on “It can be lonely at the top…

  1. Minnie has a cat tree like this too….it resides in here in my office as that is where I am most of the time….she used to use it all the time but now….she loves “HER” chair with the heat pad:)

  2. Wouldn’t work in our house. Depending on which two ended up there either one would get an immediate whop on the head or if it was the other there would be gentle pushes that ended with one on the floor. We have that trouble with a king size bed too.

  3. whoa…thatzz one awesum cat tree texas….it must be eleventee 100 feet tall !!!

    saweet :) hope everee one haza grate week oh end…..

  4. am I mistaken, or is Kitshka getting like, ummm, well…she is looking pretty big for 6 months old…is she part lioness or something??? just an observation…cuz if she has more to grow…then Texas, you are so gonna want a way bigger cat tree bed at the top!

  5. Yeah, well, good luck gettin’ the Human to spend even HALF an hour playing with the Kitty, Pal. Sigh. It’s a good thing the noms are tasty and the beds are soft around here or I’d be on my way to New York right now.

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