Organized like kitties and last day to enter our giveaway


Look how organized us kitties can be? Doesn’t it look great? Wouldn’t you want to be as organized as us?

Kitshka: Let me tell you how you can try to master kitty organization, the human way…

Have you entered our giveaway to win one of two beautiful kitty calendars designed by Bernadette from The Creative Cat? No?!
Then click on the picture below to enter now. You have until tonight, 9 pm EST.

If you’ve already entered, well, practice kitty patience. The winner will be announced tomorrow =^.^=

Have a great weekend y’all!

P.S.: Furriends, you can enter your humans, of course, if they refuse to admit they need a calendar to keep organized
P.S.S.: we are late visiting your bloggies again. We hope to resume tonight or tomorrow. Sorry furriends.

30 thoughts on “Organized like kitties and last day to enter our giveaway

  1. Hi Texas! I gave up trying to organize my humans YEARS ago but it never hurts to at least TRY! I think you and Kitshka look QUITE organized up on your tower……….and comfy too!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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