Where’s my fishie? + Winners of the Creative Cat Calendars

I know you are all (well, at least all those who pawticipated) waiting for the winners of the calendars Compositions in Black and Green & In the Kitchen with Cookie.

Without further ado, thanks to Random.org, the winners are:

Compositions in Black and Green: June

In the Kitchen with Cookie: Savannah

Concatulations! You will receive an email from me today!

Thanks again to Bernadette, from the Creative Cat. You can buy a copy of either (or both!) calendar here.


The other day I was looking for my silvervine fishie that my human had ordered at Nip & Bones for Christmas FOR ME. Remember my silvervine fishie?

Well, look what I saw! First Kitshka…

Then Milou!! Milou is always stealing my stuff!

Look at how he abused my little fishie!

LOOK AT THIS! He kissed my fishie!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to nom my fishie to show everyone whose fishie it is!

37 thoughts on “Where’s my fishie? + Winners of the Creative Cat Calendars

  1. Concats to the calendar winners………Texas you need to do a bit of “retraining” for Milou and Kitshka……stealing your fishie and acting like it’s theirs is borderline criminal!!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Be happy my cat bro Bert was not at your place as he completely eats cat toys, your fishie would have been found in Bert’s litter box a day or two later. He is so naughty!

  3. a big congrats to the winners. Those look like really nice calendars. Texas, those two cats need to leave your fishie alone. It is a cute fish. Hope all of you have a very fishie day. Take care.

  4. Salute!

    We are the Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth *paws to heads*

    We stand for free fishies for all and much more! If you wanna know what all that is, you read we organizing Question Time for anipalkind on Feb. 1? We need questions from all anipals on Planet Purrth who we all serve.

    It was good to have you on bloggie. Yous not that bad-looking yourselves either!

    We is now following you and added you to list of lynx we has on bloggie. No forgets to watch our award-winning movies, ok?

    Anything we can does to serve you, ask!


  5. Con-cat-ulations June and Savannah! I hope you’re pleased with the calendars! For anyone who still wants one, they are 25% off on The Creative Cat.

    Texas, you’re going to have to sleep on your fishie like Giuseppe!

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