Quick Update on Milou

Thank you so very much to all of you who left get-well wishes and purrs and prayers for Milou.
Thank you also to Ann of Zoolatry for sharing the info with this beautiful graphic of hers.

We are very moved by all your purrs and thoughts and I am sure Milou can feel the love!

He is spending tonight at the vet again unfortunately. He is still not eating and is on IV. The infection also reached the kidney :-( So the vet will have to cure him of the infection before checking what’s wrong with the intestines.

Hopefully, we can get him home tomorrow. I will keep you posted. I might not post anything other than an update tomorrow.

Thanks again for your support.

70 thoughts on “Quick Update on Milou

    • Thank you Rumpy! It looks like it worked well! Milou is doing better!

      I wanted to post a message of thanks on your bloggie but for some reason I couldn’t. I think the computer needs to sleep…

      Lots of purrs

  1. My kitties and I will be purring and praying for you and your poor sweet kitty. Please keep us updated. You are loved.

  2. Hoping that Milou will get well soon. I guess the x-ray pictures have not shown the intestine problems yet, anyway it seems his body has fought the risk for a kidney failure for a while.

  3. The last thing he probably needs now is a dog but I am still sending him my smelly dog paw hugs…maybe it will be a motivation. It sounds serious so we are a bit worried.

  4. We wish you NOTHING but good news & we’ll continue to purr for sweet Milou! I’m sure it will be alright in the end. (headbonks Texas)


  5. dood…even MOR blessings oh St Francis two ewe…..we hope de vet can figure out what bee wrong N itz fixed quik N ewe bee on de road ta ree coveree sew quik, ya getz a speedin ticket….


  6. Laisser un de mes chats chez le véto : un calvaire ! Notre regretté Phoebus a eu également des problèmes rénaux (courants, hélas, chez les chats mâles). De gros ronrons de réconfort à Milou de la part des Chats-Pitres et d’affectueuses pensées pour toi, Carine, en espérant que tu pourras le récupérer en meilleure forme demain.
    Miss Tigri

  7. Joining in the massive PURR POWER coming your way! The Human will try her very best to purr also….we hope that Milou will feel much better by tomorrow! XOXOXOXO

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