Worried Wednesday – Purring for Milou

Hiya everyone!

I had planned a Wordless Wednesday but it won’t happen because we are a little bit worried about Milou.

He has not been feeling too well lately. First he has lost a lot of weight and that’s just not Milou. So the humans took him to the vet on Friday and it turned out he has a urinary infection.

Another problem is that he has inflamed intestines. It might be the inflammatory bowel disease, or something else that we all hope it is not. A biopsy is necessary to know more.

In the past 24 hours, Milou has barely eaten but he drank a lot. It is very unlike Milou not to eat. So the humans were really worried. So he went back to the vet yesterday and the vet kept him in observation for the night.

We are quite worried and are purring for him. We cross our paws for better news soon. I will keep you updated.

113 thoughts on “Worried Wednesday – Purring for Milou

  1. Nous aussi, on croise les papattes et les doigts pour Milou. C’est toujours un déchirement de les laisser chez le véto, mais j’espère que cela portera ses fruits et que Milou ira vite mieux. Bon courage à vous et tenez-nous au courant.

  2. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. Poor Milou and I simply hate to think of the worry and pain you are in at the moment. Holding thumbs, paws, tails and everything else we can grab. We are here for you. I know there is precious little we can do but our prayers and get well wishes are being sent over to you. We will be waiting for what we truly hope will be good news.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that and hope he will get better soon. In case it helps I have been taught a very helpful trick to help sick and weak cats to eat, you need to make their food a little warm which emphasizes the good smell and stimulates their appetite. This trick has helped us and our furry children countless times.

  4. We’re purring and purring and sending lots of healing vibes to Milou! We will purrray that the vet is able figure out what’s wrong and get Milou back to his usual self.

  5. It makes me so sad, especially I think that the loss of Grouik was a great sorrow for Milou, and he still misses him. Hope that with your love and the vet’s care he will recover soon. This picture of him is very beautiful ! Big hugs to him and to you and Kitschka!!

  6. Oh Milou…we’re very worried of him too…I hope he gets well soon…we send lots lots of purrrrrr for him from Japan!

  7. J’ai eu deux chats mâles castrés qui ont tousles deux eu le même problème. Les chats mâles castrés souffrent presque tous un jour ou l’autre de cela.
    Il faut alors donner une nourriture appropriée.
    But I hope Milou feel better in the futur

  8. I will truly be purring for him and Mommy said she will include him in her prayers. Love to Milou…lots of love.

  9. Thinking of you guys and sending loud purrs from Michigan. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.

    Aimee, Zoey, Lily, Lucy, Chewy, & Anya

  10. Hope it is just a UTI. DO you pee a lot Milou? They might want to check for diabetes or kidney disease. Our Minnie has IBD but we have not done a bio – we give her slippery elm and it helps soothe her tummy and intestines. Sending lots of purrs.

  11. dood…de blessings oh st francis two ewe..we noe onlee two well what cha be goin thru…N yur mom az well….sendin purrz til they be hurd in france and texas and bak again two ewe…heerz ta good mews, eatin trout N bein healthee again…nice ta see yur picture up front two….


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  13. We are purring fur Milou furry hard. We purrs fur him’s family too, acause me know how hard it is to has a sick furrybaby.
    Love, TK and Pip

  14. We saw this posted on the Cat Blogosphere, and came to offer our purrs and purrayers too. We hope Milou’s diagnosis will turn out to be (easily) treatable. Paws crossed.

  15. Vraiment sincèrement désolée. Mais je suis sure que tout va rentrer dans l’ordre. Il y a 6 ans une de mes minettes ne pesait plus que 1,9 kg et était mourante. Elle a vécu 5 ans de plus. Alors il a toujours de l’espoir.
    Plein de pensées positives et de ronrons de mes deux minettes pour Milou.

  16. We are purring for Milou. We hopes Milou is all better soon, we will keep him in our thoughts and our paws are crossed that it is something that can be easily treated. ~Socks, Scylla & Family

  17. Oh Dear! We is purraying furry hard for Milou and we is sending yous comforting and strength!
    Nellie, Komo, the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Cinnamon and Mommy

  18. Oh noes, so sorry to hear about Milou. We are all purrrrrrs over here for him. I noticed that even our hoomans don’t like to eat very much when they is sick but I hopes Milou will get some food in him. My brofur has IBS or IBD, the only thing they only did was an ultrasound and x-ray, sometimes a biopsy isn’t possible. They decided to try him on the medication and he has been good on it ever since. Hopefully they can get the infection and inflammation under control first. Many Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  19. We are purraying for Milou! We hope you get good news and the vets will set him right. Please keep us updated.. We’re purring for Milou’s loved ones too, cause we know how everyone suffers when a kitty is sick.

  20. We are sending lots and lots of purrs to Milou.
    Momma wanted to let you know that several years ago a Vet Momma now will not take me to, diagnosed me with IBS. Well Momma didn’t feel I had it. But I was terribly sick, wouldn’t eat, throwing up and it had been going on for days. Mom now knows it was her fault because she changed my foods, but that is another story, What she wanted to let you know was, she started me on organic slippery elm. She makes it into a liquid soup that she adds to my meals. She also adds organic milled flax seed and pumpkin to my food for my digestive issues. It works like a charm. But, the slippery elm has NO side effects, none. It has been used by American Indians for healing properties for centuries. Mom hated that the Vet prescribed prednisone (which was wrong for kitties) and that she made me take it for 2 days. We sure hope you are better Milou and hope that this magic works for you too.

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