Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry & Denis Boissier’s Cat Illustrations + a Giveaway!

About a year ago (I think), my human’s mother went to a book fair in Paris and bought the following books. She sent them to my human and my human and I loved them very much. So we gave a mission to my human’s Mom: get some more copies so I can share them with you, my furriends. I’m glad to say that she completed the mission successfully. Thank you! =^.^=

These are small books (less than 20 pages, except for “Les chats de Saint Sulpice” which is a collection of the others) but very nice books of poetry and illustrations on cats. There are 4 different books of poetry on cats. Oh and yes, there is one on dogs, too.

The poetry is in French. Those who know French will really appreciate the talent of the poet, Henri Monnier, and the way he is playing with words. Poems are sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes both and much more. We can really feel a true cat lover behind the plume.

If you don’t speak French very well or not at all, you can use them to practice ;-) But the books are also full of beautiful black & white illustrations (a couple in color) by artist Denis Boissier.

In any case, it will fit nicely in your cat books collection! And they are not really easy to find, even in France!

Tomorrow, I will feature two poems, both in French and with a tentative translation from my human. Today, I am featuring an interview with the author and publisher, Henri Monnier. He was nice enough to talk on the phone with my human last December.

*** What do you have to do to win one or more of these beautiful books? Use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post! Answer the two questions and follow the other options if you want to win more chances of winning. The giveaway will end on Saturday and the winners will be announced on Sunday!
The giveaway is opened to all countries. There are several prizes to win: 3 sets of 4 poem books on cats, 3 poem books on dogs, and 1 collection book of the poems on cats. ***

Now here is the interview with Henri Monnier.

Could you introduce yourself and talk a bit about the books?

I am 81. I am a publisher and I had the opportunity to work with many artists. I have many French as well as foreign artist friends. As a publisher, I dedicated myself to artists.

I wrote on several subjects. I wrote poetry on life, love, death. Cats made the most successful subject though, and they helped me get noticed and better known. Some of my poems were even published by Hachette. Thanks to cats, the public learned about me.

Cats always have a lot of success!

My poems on cats come from my collaboration with an artist friend, Denis Boissier. Unfortunately, he died too young. He was drawing illustrations of cats [those in the books] and I wrote the poems to go with them. He was an incredibly talented artist!

Can you tell us a little more about the cats that shared your life?

I had many cats during my entire life. Next to my workshop, there is a little garden and stray and feral cats always come. You give then food and they come back. Sometimes they stay. They climb on the roof to bask in the sun, they walk in the garden. They generally come one at a time. In winter, sometimes they come near the stove to get warm.

Some never come back. Some cats are absconders. I had a tuxedo cat, a grey cat, and a calico female cat who was insolent! You have to be really patient as far as some cats are concerned. You have to adapt to them.

I have just buried a cat. He died of old age. That’s how things are. Most of my cats lived to be about 15. That’s a nice age compared to 1 or 2 years for a cat abandoned outside.

Cats are wonderful. They have their habits and at the same time they’re full of surprise. Sometimes they hide in places we would never imagine. It keeps us entertained!

I also wrote a book about dogs but it was less successful.

Among your poems, what are your favorites?

My first collection of poems on cats [Caresses et coups de pattes — Strokes and Paw Blows] was the most successful one. The cat from “Lapalissade” [play on words between lapalissade – statement of something obvious – and la palissade – the fence], a stray cat, was very successful. He really existed! He was a neighbor’s cat. Actually, all stories are real cats stories. “Mon chat et moi” [“My Cat and I”] was quite popular too.

See you tomorrow for two poems!

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37 thoughts on “Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry & Denis Boissier’s Cat Illustrations + a Giveaway!

  1. A fabulous interview……love the illustration of the ginger colored cat with the BIG eyes……how generous of you to share those hard to find books of poetry! My Mom’s high school French is beyond rusty I’m afraid but she managed to get by the two times my parents have been to France! Funny what sticks in your brain even though in my Mom’s case it was VERY long ago….. :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I can’t read French, but would be willing to try. The illustrations look wonderful. would love to win the cat books.

  3. I like how you speak french. I speak a little Italian. And Ukrainian. And a few words in French. May I call you Monsieur Chat? – Crepes.

  4. The books look adorable! I am not very good at French… at all, but the illustrations look wonderful! Perhaps I can teach my daughter some French ;) Loved the interview, he sounds like a very nice man. I would be fine with either type of book, but I’ll say the dog books I suppose. Thanks for sharing Texas!

  5. LP speaks French! It is her first language.
    She thinks the books are beautiful.
    And the interview was great to read too because it is always inspiring when people continue to do what they love no matter their age! :) Henri Monnier continues to also loves cats!

    the critters in the cottage xo
    LP recently posted…Breakfast Basket.My Profile

  6. Hi ,
    I do not read or speak French– so sorry!! I am having trouble seeing anything now a days!!! I am blind in one eye and my good eye isn’t so good any more!! But thanks!!!
    Do come and say hi at our blog one day soon OK?

    • Thanks for stopping by!
      We haven’t visited all our furriends yet for today! And we’ve known your bloggie since yesterday only. Give this kitty and human a chance MOL!

  7. Oh, we’d love to win a book! The books are really very charming. The mom loves the illustrations, although her French is shaky. We’d tweet or like if we could but we aren’t on any of the other social media. The winner is a lucky purrson!
    Oui Oui recently posted…TABBY TUMMY TUESDAYMy Profile

  8. Quelle belle découverte que ces livres, et c’est chamusant ce concours…bien sûr je préfère les livres sur les chats ;-)

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  10. A superb interview with an exceptionally gifted poet and author – I am interested in the cat books. My semi-literate (human) Mummy indicated that this comment had been made before I had a chance to write it – I do hope her ineptitude will not lead to our disqualification!
    Purrs … Rainbow
    Rainbow recently posted…Naughty RainbowMy Profile

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