The Cat Lounge at BlogPaws 2013

Here are some pics that my human sent me. It’s the Cat Lounge at BlogPaws 2013.

Some humans were saying that it was better the previous years. Of course, my human cannot make the comparison!

What do you think?

40 thoughts on “The Cat Lounge at BlogPaws 2013

  1. Ooh Texas tell mum the pictures are lovely and make us wish we were there too!!!

    Thank you so much for posting them so quickly! We are enjoying the tweets from #blogpaws so much, and Mum says thank you for saying hello to me.
    Dash Kitten recently posted…Blog Paws Bound!My Profile

  2. We met your Mum at BlogPaws! And yes, the Cat Lounge was a little ‘light in the pants’ this year, but it was still a nice place for the cat people to hang out. If you look at our posts from last year, you will see how packed full o’ cat stuff it was! (Ps: You have to click on the message about the music for the slideshow to start…grrr)
    Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz recently posted…Tasty Tabby Tuesday!My Profile

  3. I think it looks pretty cool–*I* would not mind having some of that stuff. But the Human did read that Sparkle’s Human was mad cause the “swag bag” was all dog stuff. Hrrmph. Course I won’t be getting ANY cool stuff cause my Human did not go :-(
    Spitty the Kitty recently posted…ForgivenessMy Profile

    • Yep, that was another concern… But there were plenty of super friendly cat bloggers my human really enjoyed meeting =^.^=

    • Sometimes time is simply missing and/or running really really fast. This is life. At least that’s what my human tried to explained to me =^.^=
      She was glad to meet your Mom too! And she enjoyed meeting everyone, that’s what she liked most at BlogPaws!

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