Monthly Caturday Kitty Links – April & May 2013

Two months ago, I inaugurated a series of posts with links to non-cat bloggers who post pics of kitties from time to time.

I had asked you if you were interested and you overwhelmingly said yes (well, the two who answered no might still want to check my linkies ;-).

Of course, I missed the April issue, because of several reasons, and now I have the equivalent of two months of links. So, let’s not waste more time!

When is the last time you’ve cleaned your screen? If you have to check one link only, this is the one.

April Links

Have you met Rollo? With 2 Ls, unlike the caramel/chocolate.

Just Feline.

Chipmunk TV anyone?

Can you find Kush?

Awwww moment.

Another Greek kitty.

And have you met Snowy?

Friday is enjoying the sun.

Humans love a good purr therapy.

And have you met Teddy? I love how he trained his human!

Storage box not yours, human. It’s Herbie’s now!

Look at the kitty at the kitty at Old Fort Niagara: he looks a bit like me!

There are new napping positions released so often these days!

Finally, have you met Zoey the Cool Cat?

That’s it for April! My guess is that you need a short break. So here’s a picture of me and Little K (from yesterday’s video) =^.^=

May Links

A box is always appreciated!

Kitty art!

Something seems to be bothering this kitty.

Yep! Humphrey is definitely prettier than a dahl =^.^=

Callee is a pretty, pretty girl! I wonder if K is part Norwegian Forest too?

And let’s end with an equally pretty ladycat: Star!

That’s it for this month! Hope you liked some or all of the kitty links we selected!

47 thoughts on “Monthly Caturday Kitty Links – April & May 2013

  1. Oh Texas what a lot of absolutely FABULOUS links! I especially love love love the kitty who cleaned my computer screen for me! It’s nice and clean and ready to go……and I’m going to see if I can get some chipmunk TV going too – so many ideas now…..I’ve got to go find Mom!

    Happy Sunday!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hmmm… I’m curious which ones you are talking about, After reading your comment I checked each link and they have all been updated last at least in mid May.

      Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with blogging and visiting vs life (says my human!). She’s currently going through all the notifications of furriends blog posts we’ve missed. I bet her eyes are already hurting, but I get to visit my furriends! I’ll be at your bloggies soon ;-)


  2. Yow Texas…me had Mum show me all da april pix…n here iz me comminz: Ya ready??? Ferst we let Kitteh screen clean!! Guud idea! Den we swooned lookin at Rollo’z pix…gorgeeus kitteh. Feline pic waz nice too. Chipmunk TV rulez!! Kush iz adorable hidin in da colorful closet. Aww Kittehz cuddlin waz cute. Greek Kitteh must have bin waitin fer sum yougert? Snowy iz a lubly kitteh wif da dark spotz on da head! Friday Kitteh had rite idea bou da sun puddlez! We agree wif Purr Therapy :) Teddy iz cute. Herbie is a guud bakin assisstant. Old Fort Kitteh DOEZ look like ya Texas. Bella iz a beeuty. N Zoey Cool Kat iz pawsum n she lookz so chillaxed in all her pix!!! Whew me needz sum tuna-tuna now….Lub Nylablue xoxo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…ME LUBZ YA AS MUCH AS TUNA-TUNA MUM…….My Profile

  3. After takin a Texas n Kitshka break we went back to see May’s pix n diz what we finkz: Knit Box Larry iz sum handum boy!!!! Dat kitty are iz bery creeative n me wishez Mum cuud do dat. Toti Kitteh haz lubly markinz altho da ‘airplane earz’ suggest he/she did not like da ‘Pawpawrazzi’? Skip da Dahl or doll or whateber dat blog waz about…just send Humphrey to us!!He iz such a cutie me wantz a baby!!! Callee shure is flooffy n me n Mum finkz she iz Norwegian Forrest kitteh fer shure. Finally did ya see Star’z blue eye n her amber gold eye n dat PINK nose?? She iz beeutiful!!!!
    Texas dem waz all such guud pix; phankz fer sharin wif us!
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum SherriEllen xo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…ME LUBZ YA AS MUCH AS TUNA-TUNA MUM…….My Profile

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