On the Road to Our New Home

Hello Kitties!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are on the road to our new home and are in Nashville tonight. My human was really excited: “Texas, do you realize you are in Nashville?” So?… Did we really have to move?

On top of it all, my human is taking pictures of us along the way. Seriously!

So, how is it going? I really hate the part when we are on the road. The first day, I made it known all day very loudly. The second day, the humans positioned my carrier differently and I was able to see the road. I like to do that, and then meditate, or sleep.

At the beginning, Kitshka didn’t know exactly what was coming and she had a very innocent attitude in regards to the whole adventure.

But today she had had enough and showed she had a voice, too.

Milou is not too pleased either.

But the good part is that we are exploring new rooms in the evening. The first night was a big room. But tonight is a smaller one.

Also, we get to test beds. The first night, the size of the bed was okay.

But tonight, the bed is a little small for three cats, especially since the humans insist on sharing the bed with us!

So, that’s how our life is these days. I hope you are all doing fine. Until we are settled and I can visit you again, I send you this lucky cat that my human saw at the local Asian restaurant they had dinner at tonight.

Have a great week!

58 thoughts on “On the Road to Our New Home

  1. aiiieeee!!!! I have been such a crumby furriend Texas!!! You are moving OUT OF NY!!! TO TEXAS!!! NOOOOOOEEEEESSSSSS!!! You are FRENCH!!! DON’T GO THERE!!!…ummm…sorry…got carried away….ya see, Mom L was born in Texas and left by 3 years old and never ever wanted to live there again…and well, then she worked with a client in Dallas for 10 years…not so great either…hope you guys don’t mind really really BIG bugs…just sayin’…purrlease forgive me for being such an absent furreind…purrrrs, Savvy
    Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Monday Meowsie News…Leo Has Left the HouseMy Profile

  2. What an adventure! And you are almost there kitties! No more complaining! Soon you will be in your new home and on your old cat tree! :)

    Safe travels until then :)

    the critters in the cottage xo
    LP recently posted…Market Sunday.My Profile

  3. What!? The humans expect you to share these hotel beds with them? After all they are putting you through, the least they can do is give you kitties your OWN bed!

  4. You ought to have the beds to yourselves after all the inconvenience you’ve been put through each day. To compromise you could tell your humans it’s their turn to curl up on the bottom of the bed tonight.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    Hannah and Lucy recently posted…Tuesday TroublesMy Profile

  5. Nashville! Vous traversez une légende!
    Vous êtes bien sympas de laisser dormir vos humains avec vous!
    Belle fin de voyage et bonne installation à vous 3 et vos bipèdes!
    Câlins et ronrons!

  6. Texas! You’re there in Nashville! Did you go visit Elvis? I think you’ll all be very happy when you get to your new home although I must say you look pretty relaxed at the hotel snoozing on the beds…….Hang in there my friend – it won’t be long now…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. So pleased to hear it is going well at the moment, I love to watch the road when we go travelling. I hope the rest of the journey soon passes!

  8. Oh Texas! You three (5) are on such a rigorous trip! I think you are doing great. Your pawrents should give you multiple treats every single hour on the hour! YOu will be there soon sweet ones..hang on. Keep singing. xoxox

  9. wow! we LOVES adventure like this. trust me, it will be so much more fun when you figure out a way to jimmy teh lock on the cat carrier. Best o’ luck wif that. Glad you get to prowl the hotel rooms. Super Good Lucky on the rest of your journey!

  10. Oh dear! That’s a long trip for a kitty. My cats don’t do well going to the vet but I found out that if they can see each other they don’t holler. It’s just for a short time and don’t let them humans take up too much of the bed. Maybe they should get their own room!

  11. I love seeing all you kitties on the road and looking like you are doing just fine. I think the humans are making sure your trip is as stress free as possible. These pictures remind me of waaaay back when CH was in the Army and we had three kitties and had to be on the road every 18 months to a new home. Our kitties became seasoned travelers but never stopped protesting loudly the first day.. :) Wishing you a great uneventful rest of the trip.

  12. a veree safe rest oh yur journee guys…onlee 46 mor states ta go til ya get TWO texas then onlee a drive oh 932 hours cross de state ta get ta yur new home :) !!!

  13. Hi Texas,
    I wish y’alls a safe trip down here to big ol’ TX! I hope that, even with the hustle and bustle of travelling you, Milou and Kitshka can still enjoy the journey. And I hope you’ll find Texas and Austin especially a nice place to live and that you’ll get acquainted and comfortable down here soon.
    Take care, and have a good one y’alls,
    Pit and the 4-legged gang
    P.S.: And if you need any advice on how to deal with the circumstances of living here, I’m sure I can ask our feline crew and they’d be glad to help.
    Pit recently posted…For a Few weeks Now …My Profile

  14. Howdy, Texas!
    Thank you for including us in your travels!
    We feel better being able to see you and your siblings as you make your journey down to Austin. You will be there in no time and then you will be an official Cowboy! :)
    Happy Trails, Texas!♥

  15. Wow I am in total awe of your kitties acting like sleeping in hotel rooms is the most natural thing!!!! Do you have them drugged because I want to know your secret. So glad the trip is going okay – love the shot of Shitska passed out in her carrier.
    Safe Haven Hotel recently posted…SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUTMy Profile

  16. A safe trip and happy house-moving to you all! You all look remarkably chilled out. I am sure Purdey wouldn’t be as relaxed! Lovely pics. That bed looks just the right size!

  17. You guys look pretty chill, testing those hotel beds. Your mom is doing a good job and keeping you calm. We are sure you’ll be happy in Nashville – of course, you’ll be happy just to stop traveling! Just be SURE not to try and escape when you get to your new home, promise??

  18. Hi, We just found your blog. It is so cool that you are moving to the state that was named in honor of Texas kitty. We can’t imagine such a long car ride. We hate riding in the car! We hope you get to your new home soon. Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (and Judy)

  19. MOL da Hu’Manz wanted to share dat itty b itty bed wif da 3 of ya all?? Silly Hu’Manz ;)
    Ya all are doin grrreat travellin ‘cross countree n usin yer litter n bein so guud!!! Ya make us feelinez proud!!!
    Safe travelz frum nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…Reunion Sunday!My Profile

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