We Got An Upgraded TV and TV program!

Hiya my Furriends,

We are here, in the state named after me, and we are getting settled. The humans are extremely slow to do anything though. It took them 2 – TWO! – days to reassemble the bed, and almost a week to reassemble our tree!!!

The worst part: the people installing our Internet connection won’t be here before next week! Hmpf. I had to beg my human to post this via her… iPhone. So visiting will still be like… non-existent. Sorry. We feel like falling asleep!

But I have to say we have received some advantages. We have a new scratch post/lounge.

And the bestest: we now have a large, flat screen TV to watch Bird TV… AND we now receive Deer TV too!!

(Yeah, I wasn’t too pleased that Milou was photobombing my purrfect picture on the first shot)

So we are good for now. I will post a retrospective of our trip and how we the humans handled it when we get the Internet. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great week! Until next week, the posts will be light and we might not be able to always comment or answer comments.

Oh and I changed my banner. It’s temporary. I’m not sure of the future name for my blog. This important matter deserves a nap!

Lots of purrs!

59 thoughts on “We Got An Upgraded TV and TV program!

  1. How wonderful to hear from you after all this time. Looks like you have a lovely place to live with lots of room that you didn’t have in New York. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. I’ll put off saying anything about Texas the State until I hear what you think. Take care.

  2. Sqquueeeee!!!! TEXAS!!!! You have the exact same scratcher I have!! Mine is my bedroom scratcher…I also luvluvluv sleeping and playing in it. Your new home looks totlaay pawsome! And deer TV…what a great channel. Paw hugs and purrs, Savannah and Mom Linda
    Savannah recently posted…Friday Frolics…And BLING!!My Profile

  3. Howdy y’alls,
    And welcome to the Lone Star State! :) You know they say, “Texas is a state of mind”. And I think that perfectly fits … for YOU.
    I hope that you, your half brother and half sister and your humans will soon be settled in and enjoy living down here.
    Best regards from Karnes City,
    Pit and the 4-legged crew
    P.S.: And enjoy your new TV programmes! ;)
    Pit recently posted…A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part 3My Profile

  4. What a lovely view and beautiful new digs guys…you may have to cut the humans some slack they are not as agile as felines in the unpacking and organising areas…but they do buy nice new scratchy posts so maybe all is forgiven..Fozziemum

  5. Oh Texas it’s wonderful to hear from you and see all three of you in your new and gorgeous house! What a view you have and those nice big BIRD/DEER TV kind of scenes out your windows will be very entertaining even after you have the internet up and running. WOW. So happy that things are settling in – love that new scratcher – I might have to petition my Mom for one too. I’m sure you are all exhausted from the trip AND all that unpacking and settling in – take your time but just know that we’re all anxious to get DETAILS, DETAILS and of course PHOTOS of that fabulous house and yard of yours….

    Kitty Hugs to all of you, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Memories of Nellie’s Visit!My Profile

  6. OH how wonderful to see you and hear from you. And you all look wonderful and snuggly in your pictures.
    We will wait on your typist’s time to help you. Love and kisses…

  7. Welcome to our south!!! We are in Florida!! It is hot here and it is really hard to live with out AC– thank the LORD for AC!!!! It looks like you have a great place to live!!!

  8. We’re glad to see your new home. What pawsome flat screen TVs! What beautiful views! It looks very different from New York. And it looks as if you have a nice patio outside one window. Moving is hard for cats and humans, so we will be patient and wait for your posts.

  9. Vous avez un super nouvelle maison ! La vue a l’air géniale.
    Moi de ma fenêtre et dehors, je vois des chevreuils. Vous aussi vous allez pouvoir voir des grosses bêtes ?
    Faites bien attention à vous, surtout n’allez pas dehors.
    Loustiquette et moi on vous envoie plein de ronrons.
    A bientot.
    Hisia – Nat à Chat recently posted…Marquer son territoireMy Profile

  10. Welcome to Texas. I hope you enjoy living in Austin. I think you will find it quite an experience. It is really the best city to move to from New York as it seems to b e more cosmopolitan than most places in the state. We live in the southeast corner of the state where we get lots of hurricanes, none so far this year. It is quite different here as it is very wet and has lots of trees but you can get good bird TV and deer TV too.

    Enjoy you new living experience.

  11. Hi Texas,
    Judging from the pictures, you have a wonderful new home. A real “C(h)ateaux” as befits a Parisian cat. ;) Enjoy the place. And keep in mind, “Como Tejas, no hay otro”! Well, that cuts both ways, I think, for the state of Texas and for a certain cat by that same name.
    Take care, and have a good one,
    Pit & the 4-legged gang
    Pit recently posted…A Weekend in … Rockport/Fulton – Part 3My Profile

  12. Wow what a view you kitties have. You’ll have all kinds of interesting channels on CAT TV! It’s been a very hard two weeks for us, once you get your internet back you’ll have to read all about our unfortunate news regarding Abby being very sick.
    Abby recently posted…Abby’s Journey Living In GraceMy Profile

  13. It is good to hear from you all. Wow, what a nice big flat screen TV you all have now. Your new place looks beautiful! We can see you are enjoying the view and your tree already. We hope all of you get some rest when you get everything in order. Hugs and nose kisses
    Mags Corner recently posted…Her Time Is For The BirdsMy Profile

  14. meowloz guys !!! glad everee one hada safe journee N yur mew home lookz way awesum…N a werd pleez….skip de stoooooooooooooooopid rood caca droppin bug infested burd tee and vee coz vizshuz deer tee and vee iz WAY mor entertainin !!!! welcome ta de lone star state…haz ya seen any big horn sheepz yet !!!! sa weet :)

  15. Eeeooww Texas N Milou n Kitshka…Me n Mum bin wunderin how ya all n da Hu’mnz bin doin!!! dat waz a long move n me nose Hu’manz get upset n tern into a hot mess wif long movez ;)
    Ya just gotta LUB dem n bee payshunt n dey will get dere act together!!!
    Deer TV soundz pawsum!!! No deer come wanderin thru here…
    Lub yer cat tree n da scratchy lounger lookz grrreat too…..
    Tell yer Hu’Manz to take der time n get sorted n we all beez here when ya can get online propurrlee!!
    Lub frum Canada….Nylablue n Sherriellen xo
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…Reunion Sunday!My Profile

  16. We are glad you made it safe and sound! Your new space looks very spacious and lovely! It looks like home will be very sweet indeed! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo
    LP recently posted…Accused!My Profile

  17. Oh my gosh! We lost you on our blog roll and I didn’t even know you moved! I went to fix the blog roll and realized that I missed the updated blog address, so I’ve fixed it now! We’ve missed you! Wow, looks like you have a great new place and awesome kitty tv!! Congratulations!
    Andrea and the Celestial Kitties recently posted…A Wonderful Award!My Profile

  18. Fellow blogging cat. Hi! I know how hard it is to move. I’ve never gone across the country, but I have moved around New York a bazillion(fine, only three) times. And you could name your blog Texas in Texas. Or Western Cat?

  19. When we got your comments, we popped right over to see if you were posting again. And, to our shame, we realized we missed this. In our defense, our human was out of town again. Your new home looks catabulous. We’re looking forward to reading your retrospective and finding regular post notifications in our e-mail in-box. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    Kitties Blue recently posted…WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: ASTRID PHOTO EXPERIMENT #1My Profile

  20. It’s FANTASTIC to see you! How great is it that they named a whole big state after you, the 2nd largest one int he whole COUNTRY! What a great TV you got, too. Really good reception. I think this is gonna work out okay. (They could change your name and call your new blog “New York, a Cat in Texas,” MOL)

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