Milou’s New Friend

Milou has a new friend in the purrson of a metallic cat that is supposed to be either a bottle or a flower pot holder.

My human bought it because she planned to grow catnip and put the pot of catnip in the cat’s arms. I’m still waiting for the catnip! But at least the metallic cat seems to have found a purpose: I’d swear I saw Milou talk to it. I wonder what they’re talking about.

Psssssst! Remember last year I decreed September 16 Milou’s Day since we didn’t know exactly when he was born. Can I count on you to wish Milou a Happy Milou’s Day on Monday? We’ll have a pawty, but don’t tell him! Hope the metallic cat hasn’t told him anything either!

38 thoughts on “Milou’s New Friend

  1. How nice that Milou has a buddy in the window there – – – who knows – maybe one of these days that “other” cat will grow some catnip after all – meanwhile Milou apparently likes to keep it company on the windowsill! I didn’t know that Milou would reach the BIG 14 before me but I guess he’s got a few months on me as I won’t be 14 until January. Will be sure and stop by the pawty!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Mauricio and Misty May are having their ninth birthday on the 17th. We’ll all come to Milou’s 14th and hope you’ll come to ours, ’cause Mom is planning a big surprise. We think for Milou’s birthday that the metallic kitty should get a pot of catnip or a nice floofy pillow where Milou can rest his head. Milou, you do not look as if you are going to be 14. You look like a young boy.
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  3. Hi Texas,
    That’s a nice metal cat your Mom got. Dould you, please, tell me where she got it? My wife would like one like that too, I think, if I could get it.
    Thanks for your help, and have a great day y’alls,
    Pit & the feline and canine crew
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  4. ewe can count on uz knot bein were we shuld knot bee coz noe one noez any thing bout de canna menshunz day

    milou…dood….we think de metal dood iz waitin for sum nip ta tell a portz itselv two him…ya just may bee surprized yet !!

  5. Milou, je le trouve très beau, très élégant ton ami chat. Moi j’ai un copain un peu comme ça aussi, mais il est en bois peint, et ses yeux me fascinent. Je lui fais des mamours.
    14 ans c’est … 14 fois plus vieux que moi, mais bon tu as l’air en forme.
    Des ronrons.
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