Kitshka Friday: More Of Us On Instagram!

Did you know that I was on Instagram?


Well, technically, it’s Texas’ Instagram account, but I make apparitions. So does Milou and well, of course Texas!


Texas showed the back of disrespect to his human because she was posting pics of us on her account. He wanted his own account. And he got it! But now we have to show the human that we can get more followers than her on Texas’ Instagram account! Will you follow us if you have an account? Chances are we will follow back (except if you are posting weird pictures, like some humans do… OMC!)

Texas’ name is @Texas_le_cat

Many pictures will be new (not posted on the blog!). So we are waiting to see you!


37 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: More Of Us On Instagram!

  1. guys, we wood loves ta follow ewe on instagram …but frank lee we haz trubull followin direct shunz …N due knot EVEN ask de food serviss gal … her had a vee cee and R bak in de days oh old… that sitted in de same spot fora yeer…. coz her dinna noe how ta ree cord stuff……uh……
    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end…at plentee oh ham samiches N friez…love de pick surez by de way !~~

  2. Texas! Good for you getting your own instagram account. I have forbidden my Mom from doing that – she’s on Facebook and helps me with my blog and if she spent any more time on the compawter I’d be VERY UNHAPPY :( . Concatulations though – I know lotsa of our peeps are there already so you’re in GOOD company!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • You need to have a smartphone in order to post, but if you click on the link on my Instagram name, you can just enjoy the pics without even registering, right from your computer =^.^=

  3. Our Mama doesn’t do instagram…or anything in/sta/ntly actually! She can barely keep up with the blog she is so SLOW and OLD!! heehee.We love the first black and white photo and last photo of Kitshka! Sorry Texas…but she is pretty darn cute :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

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