Product Review: Litter One

Eons ago…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Wouldn’t I make the purrfect Mascot?

Human: Texas…

Texas: What? You received the Litter One product back in June! Well, okay there was the move… Anyway…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Let’s proceed…

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Back when my human went to Blogpaws, a nice lady talked to her about an entirely biodegradable litter product that was just being launched and she asked my human whether she would like to try it. Indeed, the little leaflet said that not only was it an environment-friendly solution, but it took away the burden of cleaning the litter box from the humans, too. She was intrigued!

You see, as I mentioned before, an excuse my human often hears for not adopting a kitty is the litter box chore. My human doesn’t enjoy cleaning our litter boxes either but she thinks it is worth having us around! So she thought that if someone was to invent a solution that would make it easier for humans, maybe that could help!

My human received the Litter One Product for free to test back in June. But with all the boxes around at our old place, she thought it might not be a good “test” since we were already a little distressed worried by what was going on around.

Long story short: fast forward to September in our new home.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

My human waited for us to be well at ease in our new home. She decided to install the Litter One in her office room, while leaving the other clay litter boxes we are used to in our usual bathroom.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Inspecting the product…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka is inspecting the box…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

There was some assembly to do but with our help… well okay, with the help of the video on the Litter One website, it was easy, really!

Here is the video:

Here is me helping my human:

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Complete litter kit

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Litter is ready!

The human wants to say that it is really practical to use, for everything is included: the litter box, of course, the litter, a little scoop and poop bags.
The litter itself is made of pine pellets. It did look strange to us a little bit, although we had tried another such litter before.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Texas: Do you want to try it first, Kitshka?
Kitshka: why, no Texas, this is your blog, so try it first!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka and I didn’t want to try it at first. It is said that you can put a layer of your kitty’s usual litter on top of the pine pellets, if the kitties don’t naturally go to the new litter. But my human wanted to wait before doing it and it only took a couple of days before… Milou would go pee in it! Of course, I couldn’t let Milou be the only one peeing in MY human’s office’s litter box!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Covering Milou’s you-know-what…

I can’t believe my human took a picture of me in the act…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Where’s my pee? The pellets stole my pee!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The pellets kind of disintegrate after a contact with a liquid and transform into some dust that goes through small holes in the false bottom of the litter box. So my human would only regularly shake the box a little to make sure the dust would find its way to the holes.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The transformation of the pellets…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Milou and I regularly peed in this litter box but my human never saw Kitshka go in it. She closes her office room during the night so there is a good chance that Kitshka never tried it.

Another interesting thing is that not one single kitty pooped in it (sorry for the details but this is a fact!). We only peed in it.

All in all we liked this litter and the human says she didn’t sniff any odor at all!

We only have one reservation though: it is said that the litter can last up to 4-6 weeks. My human was impressed by that statement but not easily convinced. And in fact, after a little less than two weeks:

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin


It is not surprising though because 1) Milou tends to pee in direction of the walls of any litter box (okay me too sometimes), 2) 2 weeks is already a lot in our humble opinion, when a usual litter needs to be cleaned everyday and changed every week at the very least! This one required low maintenance and lasted longer.

We think this is a nice product and my human also really appreciates the fact that it was both easy to set up and to throw away when it was time: she simply closed the box and put it in the recycle trash box! And of course, the fact that there was no odor was a definite plus!

I think the Litter One humans are on to something interesting and practical here!

Disclosure: One Litter One product was sent to us free of charge to try it. We were not asked to review it, but decided it was worth a review. We were not compensated for the review, or for my superb mancattitude posing on the product. Our opinions remain our own.

To finish, here are some “behind the scenes pics of us. Click on any picture to read our thoughts!

44 thoughts on “Product Review: Litter One

  1. Well Texas, that’s a truly interesting product! All three of you wound up giving it a try too and it sounds like it at least passed the “pee test” for you but not the (sorry about this) “poop test”. You certainly did write a grand review – I would think this would work for some kitties quite nicely. Me? I like to do ALLLLLL of my business in one spot!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Well, my human couldn’t verify about the poop, but there was absolutely no odor with pee, and she was in the room some of the times we peed in it. So it is, at least, doing a good job suppressing pee odors.

    • The product is supposed to facilitate humans’ jobs. Some humans do not like to clean litter boxes. This one barely has to be cleaned. A human would only have to take away any poop from time to time. The pee is dissolved by the pellets. So in order to change the litter, the humans only have to close the box and use another one.
      No need to clean the box, buy liners, buy a seperate litter, etc.
      Some humans are really busy (some are lazy too ;-) so it take away some of the cleaning time =^.^=

  2. Interesting review. I bet this would last a really long time in a one cat household. I wonder why none of them would poop in the box? Maybe the don’t want to stand on the pellets long enough to poop. They might not really like the feel of the pellets on their paws. Thanks for reviewing this for us. Judy

    We thinkz Texas would make a good mascot kitty for this product. Texas, we can not believe that your Mom took a picture of you peeing. Perhaps you should place a furball in one of her shoes. MOL Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • We tend to pee in one and poop in another in our regular litter boxes, so maybe we thought this one was just for peeing?
      I know, we’re pretty organized kitties ;-)

  3. We won one of these a while back on another blog and were looking forward to receiving it, but it never arrived. We know with eight of us (if we actually decided to use it) that we’d be lucky if it would last a week, but Mom still wanted to try it. We think it sounds like a product for a one-, maybe two-cat household. Would your mom but one now that you have tried it? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    Kitties Blue recently posted…WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: SNUGGLE BUDDIESMy Profile

    • Well, we definitely need more than one if we wanted to replace the clay litter. We have two huge litter boxes and my human thinks we would need at least three Litter One to replace the old litter boxes.

  4. When the time came for me to be taught manners, no one taught me to squat so I stand up and let ‘er fly. Momma had to get a covered litterbox. Sigh. So none of this for me.

  5. YAY! a review where adult kitties got in on the act. I reviewed it with the kittens using it, and I wondered if bigger kitties would pee through the cardboard or not..

    I imagine the estimate in time is for one kitty only, not two.. so half the time (since there is double the input) kinda lines up with their thoughts..
    Connie recently posted…Kitten pictsMy Profile

    • I must have missed your review. I will try to find it on your bloggie.
      Actually, your remark is right regarding the time! Other than the cardboard, the pellets were okay (there were plenty of them still, enough to last longer).

  6. It is a neat idea Texas! But it wouldn’t work here…we like like covered boxes that are very deep so that we “high pee-ers” don’t make a mess! Cardboard just wouldn’t work for a multi-cat family like ours or for big cats (like Leo) who tend to pee on the side of litterboxes… that’s what we think! :) It might be purrfect though for one small cat who has good aim (heehee) …

    the critters in the cottage xo
    LP recently posted…Plotting Revenge.My Profile

  7. That’s indeed a very good idea, especially for use during trips or short vacations away from home. Mommy bought pine pellet litter for us before but Ling protested by peeing on Whisky’s bed. The pine smell can be rather strong for more sensitive kitties. So we’re back to our good old newspaper pellet litter. :)

    Great review, you guys!
    Whisppy recently posted…Mancat Monday and An AwardMy Profile

    • Texas’ human here :-)
      Thank you :-)
      It is true that the kitties did smell the pellets several times. I don’t know if that bothered them. I had tried pellets before which smell was very strong but these ones didn’t smell anything, at least to my human sense of smell.

  8. C’est une super idée de jouer au testeur, mais c’est bizarre ton truc Texas. La litière dedans elle est beaucoup trop grosse pour pouvoir gratter. Moi j’ai de la litière agglomérante à base de bois. Ca sent très bon naturellement et c’est compostable. Je dis ça, mais en fait je n’y suis plus allée depuis 3 mois. Je préfère le dehors…
    Ca a l’air pas mal pour dormir quand la boite est fermée.
    Moi je pense que les humains qui ne veulent pas nettoyer la litière de leur chat et bien ils n’aiment pas les chats !
    Des gros ronrons.
    Nat à Chat recently posted…Leçon de zoologieMy Profile

    • C’est vrai qu’on ne grattait pas beaucoup mais un peu tout de meme. Elle est faite en pin et les morceaux sont plus gros mais ils se transforment en poussiere au contact avec du liquide, donc pas besoin de gratter pour couvrir. Mais on grattait tout de meme un peu =^.^=

    • That’s a good idea! You might want to share it with them =^.^=
      Our only problem was really peeing on the cardboard, so your solution might make it purrfect!

  9. That is a really cool idea! I don’t remember that product, and I don’t think it would last 4 weeks here either. I’m also glad to see someone else is posting about something from BlogPaws so many months afterwards, like us. We just posted about the Kitty Clubhouse for Just4MyPet, whom we met then.
    Oui Oui recently posted…Flashback FridayMy Profile

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