Kitshka Friday: The Scoop Pillow

The other day, I found a new pillow on the couch. It had a sticker on it that said “litter scoop”). It was a scoop pillow!

I have to say it was not exactly comfortable, but just when I was starting to get used to it, it disappeared and I found it back near… our litter box! The sticker had disappeared though! How strange is that?!

The Scoop Pillow | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The Scoop Pillow | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Yes, this is our – Texas’ and mine – fur on the couch. We are working day and night to keep it not black. We work faster than the humans trying to clean the couch.

Are your humans using weird pillows too? And are they constantly taking your fur out of their your stuff?

35 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: The Scoop Pillow

  1. Got to say, if somebody sets something down where we normally nap, we are going to nap on it. We do, however, prefer nice soft things like warm and clean laundry. Bet you all like that as well. You two have done a masterful job on that black couch. You get 32 paws up from us. Lisbeth sends a special “hello” to Texas. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
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  2. guys…ya noe, that pillow iz az rood az burdz….tell it ta get OFF de sofa, throw it self onta de floor….it wont get hurt…N stay ther sew ewe guys haz mor restin N chillaxin room….like sew what if it “matches” de sofa…let it go “match” de floor….rood pillow….hay, heerez two a grate week oh end, eat plentee oh pie !!

  3. Hey, Texas!

    ;And yes our mom is constantly trying to get cat hair off of her furniture… We are also Ragdolls, so our hair is everywhere! Literally EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

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  4. Gee Kitshka – I had no idea that thingie was a pillow! My Mom has one that looks just like that but she keeps it by my litter box and I’ve never tried snuggling up to it. Maybe I should? As for fur and hair – Mom insists on using some funny little attachment on her MONSTER MACHINE every week to suck up all my furs that I so carefully put on the couch – I don’t think she appreciates my fur as much as I do!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Tu as de drôles d’idées , toi ;ça doit pas être confortable une pelle !!
    Les poils ..c’est le point noir pour nos humains .Y’en a partout !!
    gros ronrons les copains

  6. Hisia : Mais enfin Kitshka, c’est pas parce que ton humaine elle laisse traîner n’importe sur TON canapé, qu’il faut dormir dessus. C’est pas hyper confortable ce truc quand même. Remarques chez moi il faudrait recycler ce genre d’objet. Ca fait 3 mois que j’ai pas mis une patte dans la litière !
    Je ne perds presque pas de poils, mais Loustiquette elle en laisse plein partout et ça agace Nat à Chat.
    J’espère que Texas et toi vous vous etes bien amusé à vos soirées Halloween.
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  7. We luvz to leave our fur everywhere in the house. We luvz to leave it on the hoomanz too. Mommy used to work at a place where she had to wear nice clothes. She would get dressed except she would wear shorts or sweat pants. Right before she was ready to walk out the door she would finish getting dressed. We still managed to get fur all over her clothes. We buyed her a lint roller thingy. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  8. Il faut vraiment qu’on aille visiter l’Amérique. Il y a des coussins bizarres, là-bas… Pour le canapé, c’est ce qu’on se tue à expliquer à Miss Tigri : On lui offre un canapé en vraie fourrure de matou, design et tout confort, et elle râle ! Pffff !
    Ronrons des Chats-Pitres.
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  9. Une pelle ce n’est pas confortable ! Par contre tu as le droit de monter sur le canapé ? Moi non car je fais mes griffes dessus ! Elle a trouvé une solution en me laissant son vieux fauteuil. Le pire c’est que je n’y vais pas souvent, c’était mieux le canapé… Câlins de Myrtille la tigrée de Tinou

    A shovel is not comfortable ! By cons you have the right to get on the couch? Me not because I’m on my claws! She found a solution, leaving me his old chair. The worst is that I do not go there often, it was better the sofa … Snuggles the Blueberry Tabby Tinou
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