Kitshka Friday: We Want the Sun Back!

Hiya everyone!

Before I tell you what beautiful me is doing, I want to remind you that we have a giveaway for 2 Shelter Cat Dolls from Dream Pillow. Here they are:

Dream Pillow

Follow the link to yesterday’s post (by clicking on the image above) to discover what you have to do.

This is not a giveaway for catnip sticks, kitties (it seems some of you misunderstood. Easy on nip, kitties!). It is a giveaway for these 2 shelter cat dolls.

So, what have you been up to lately?

Today is a crappy day where we live.

Milou is at the vet again for, er, constipation issues. Nothing serious but I bet he is a bit tired of going to the vet regularly because of this (and surprisingly, we don’t get any reward cards for free treats for going to the vet regularly like the humans have in their stores! I think that is not fair!).

It’s been raining, and there is a LOT of wind outside, and it’s in the 30s (that’s a temperature of around 4C for our European furriends), which means nothing to see on TV that is much interesting. So we’ve been busy doing nothing Texas and I.

Texas, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

I found an abandoned blankie that is quite comfy on the couch. I made it mine, since it had been abandoned. Now if only the human could stop taking pictures. That’s the problem with rainy days: not only is there nothing on Bird TV, but the humans can’t go out to take pictures so guess who is being photographed?

Kitshka, busy doing nothing | Texas, a cat in... Austin

What are your favorite activities when the weather is that bad and the humans can’t stop bothering you?

39 thoughts on “Kitshka Friday: We Want the Sun Back!

  1. We love to sleep on rainy days when MomKatt’s at her work … but if not, we still follow her around. Plus SHE likes to read on the sofa on rainy, cold days, so that’s like double luck ’cause we get lap time AND nap time then!

    Purrz! We are excited about your giveaway! MomKatt wants the purple one!

    Selina recently posted…Pre-Dinner DialogueMy Profile

  2. We are having the same kinda weather and it IS boring! What I do is follow mai mom around the house and yowl intermittently so she pays attention to me. Then when she asks me what I want, I’m not sure what to do but she always goes and gives me more water and more foodz, so that works out good, huh? xxoo Bhu

  3. Kitshka, Texas et toi vous avez l’air d’avoir trouvé la même occupation que Loustiquette et moi … c’est de saison il parait.
    Il fait froid et humide ici aussi. On sort quand même, mais après la chaleur est la bienvenue !
    On espère que tout va bien pour Milou. Moi aussi je suis un peu abonnée aux dames en vert. J’ai des gros problèmes d’allergie aux puces et aux aoûtats. C’est pas drôle d’aller là bas !
    Plein de ronrons.

  4. So sorry Milou isn’t feeling well….but I completely understand your huMommy taking pictures of the two of you…you’re both so beautiful!

  5. Such a pawsome and generous giveaway AND you and your brother Texas look quite comfy napping on an icky day. Today wasn’t really icky here but I napped anyway…..that abandoned blankie you’re on is a great color Kitshka!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. We’ve been having lots of lousy weather as well. We do exactly the same as you all…nap. When we are not doing that, we are sitting by the backdoor whining for Mom to let us out on the catio. If she does, then we whine to come in ’cause it is cold. MOL. Purrayers for Milou. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
    Kitties Blue recently posted…CATS WANT OUT NOW!My Profile

  7. So, when it’s crappy outside, we do our usual communal nap on Mom’s bed. But, due to the crappy weather, Mom likes to sneak into the cat puddle and nap with us! Score for Mom and us cats!

  8. We hope Milou feels better quickly , poor baby!
    We have ben getting sun here in typically rainy Vancouver! But it is cold so all the birdies are hiding!

    the critters in the cottage xo
    LP recently posted…The Jetty.My Profile

  9. Here Comes the Sun by George Harrison

    Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)
    Here comes the sun, and I say
    It’s all right

    Our Mom likez this song and she playz it when it is gloomy out. Hope it sendz some sunshine your way. We likez blankies too . Sometimes are pawrents have the nerve to disturb us trying to crawl under the blankies after we have taken them over.

    We hope poor Milou is feeling better and doesn’t have to go to the Vet anymore. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  10. Mostly, I send the Human to her work so she stops bothering me, or I go into my little tent where she can’t really take pictures of me, or in desperation, I go UTB and that’s that! You should teleport over here–it’s at least twice as many degrees as you have!
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  11. Yow Kitshka we haz SNOW here so no patio time in Condo now…me snugglez in condo indoorz n purrtendz me iz outside butt it not da same ;)
    Mum moved da ground feeder over to da patio where we can watch Bird TV as da Mournin Dovez stay all Winter. Oh n da 2 sparrowz: Woodstock n Jack Sparrow.
    We iz feedin a feral named Midnite Milo so me getz to meow wif him thru da glass ebery nite….
    To keep Mum frum takin a bazillion pix wif da cammyra me sleepz…alot…. ;)
    We hopez Milou getz over da constipashun truuble…me haz Bowel Disease so me feelz fer him…me goin to Vet tomorrow…Mum takez me ebery Wednesday now fer follow treetmint…it is not as bad as it waz…
    Sowwy me wroted a book..,,,me got carried away….MOL
    Nylablue xxx
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