Mondays Are For Memories: How Was I Supposed to Watch Bird TV?

One difference between France and the United States, from my observations, is that French humans tend to have drapes on their windows, while in America, I saw a lot of blinds.

In any case, what the humans do not realize is that when drapes or blinds are closed, it’s like humans wanting to watch TV while the TV is still in its box: we can’t see anything!
My human learned the hard way with her drapes back in France…


Yes, that’s me who did that =^.^=

And of course, I also had to find a solution for blinds when we were in New York! But guess what? She didn’t like my solution! The nerve!

Texas & blinds | Texas, a cat in Austin

Texas & blinds | Texas, a cat in Austin

36 thoughts on “Mondays Are For Memories: How Was I Supposed to Watch Bird TV?

  1. Well I say that whatever it takes to get some appropriate bird TV time – should be done!! Neither blinds, nor shades, nor curtains shall keep us from our appointed entertainment right Texas????!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…Thankful (Again!)My Profile

  2. That’s why we see so many homes with blinds that have a hole cut out so the resident kitty or doggie can look out. We just go behind the blinds. All of our blinds are wood so the pawrents won’t cut holes in them for us. We’ve made a pair of curtains look like that, Texas. They weren’t pretty ones, however, like those. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
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  3. You come live with me for a while OK?? I have not blinds or drapes on my windows. Have no neighbors yet to see in, only cats to see out and they do love the windows to see out of!!!

  4. Heureusement que ici il n’y a pas de rideaux devant les fenêtres ! En hiver mes humains ils descendent les volets roulants la nuit, pour garder de la chaleur. Nat à Chat elle a installé exprès un meuble avec un coussin, devant une petite fenêtre sans volets, pour que je puisse regarder dehors si me me lève tôt, et que c’est pas l’heure d’aller dehors.
    Tu étais rigolo avec ton passage à travers le store Texas. Suis pas sure que ton humaine elle aimait.
    Hisia – Nat à Chat recently posted…Les lendemains de pluie et de froidMy Profile

  5. Shoot, Texas! I think those curtains look just purrfect. It bet that nice hole was at the perfect height for you too, wasn’t it?

    You know the best thing about the blinds? They pretty sturdy, but they *DO* break after a while. As me how I know. And then it’s a whole lot easier to look through them.
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