Milou Is Home!

A good update on Milou: not only did the surgery go well, Milou is healing well (and defecating normally) according to the vet, so the humans were able to bring him home today. The vet thinks that since he defecated normally immediately after the surgery, there are chances that he doesn’t have a megacolon! We’re keeping our paws crossed.

The humans visited Milou yesterday at the vet and although his (but)tocks were obviously bothering him (he has quite a few stitches and has been shaved on a good part of his tocks and the base of his tail), he seemed alert and happy to see his human.

Milou after his surgery | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Milou after his surgery | Texas, a cat in... Austin

He is now back home with a cone to prevent him from licking the stitches (which he tries to do despite the cone).

Milou after his surgery | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Thank you all so much for your support. Your are all so very good furriends and this is the best gift Santa Paws could send us!
Again, I apologize for not visiting (and answering to your comments) yet. My human will help me hopefully starting tonight and tomorrow.

Sending you all lots of purrs!

63 thoughts on “Milou Is Home!

  1. YAY!! We are soo happy that Milou is back home where he belongs and the surgery went so well!
    That is the best Christmas gift! We are grateful that you moved to Texas, received the correct diagnosis, and now Milou can live a normal life!!
    Merry Christmas!!♥

  2. So happy for you! You are very brave and I admire the fact that you can blog about how well you poop on the internet! Not everyone feels comfortable doing that.

  3. Oh Texas I’m so happy Milou is home and even though he’s missing some furs and has a bunch of stitches, he’s not having any bathroom problems AND they don’t think he’s got megacolon! What a lovely holiday gift…..truly…..certainly for all of you but for all of us who were hoping so hard that he’d be alright!

    Holiday Hugs to all of you!
    Sammy and Mom
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  4. Sweetest One, I only care how YOU are and no apology ever ever ever needed. You just heal and get better and better. MUCH love from me and mom to you. xxxooxox

  5. L’important ce n’est pas du tout de visiter nos blogs. Pas du tout même. L’important cet article, son contenu.
    C’est absolument génial qu’il soit rentré à la maison. Ca veut dire que ça va.
    On croise doigts et coussinets mélangés pour que le problème soit totalement résolu après cette opération.
    Bon retour et bonne convalescence Milou.
    Ronrons et caresses.
    Hisia, Loustiquette et Nat à Chat
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  6. Hooray!! You are looking happier already! In no time that cone will come off and you will get back to your old hijinx. xxoo

  7. That’s wonderful news!! What a great Christmas present!!! Welcome home, Milou. I know he’s embarrassed having his tocks shaved and having to wear that cone. You’ll just have to remind him, it will help him get well quicker.

  8. dood. way awesum sooper kewl!! we iz all total lee happee for ewe. even mor blessings frum R pal frank that yur furz grow fast yur stitches doez knot itches N yur ree coveree time uz faster N lightnin!!! happee week end two all !!!!!!!

  9. Yippee, yippee, yippee…Milou is home and pooping! What great news. You are right, there’s no better Santa Paws present. We are so sorry he has to wear the awful cone, but that will soon be gone. We will continue to keep Milou as part of our purr-a-thon. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo
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  10. Ah, the Cone of Shame. Well, it won’t be forever, Milou! So undignified when they put cones on us and shave our, ahem, Important Private Areas. I think you should take lots and lots of nappies and after some sleeps and wake-ups that thing will be gone from your neck. and little furs will be coming in you-know-where.

    Really glad to hear everything went well and you are HOME!!! Hugs, Buddy.

    XOXOXO from Spitty
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  11. Hooray, Milou is home, we are so happy for you. We hope that you don’t have any further problems. You are looking very good although we know you are not happy to have that dumb cone around your neck. Get lots of rest and feel better soon. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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