Thankful Thursday: Furriends, Boxing Day, and Awards

This is a period to have hopes (of what Santa is going to bring to you)…

Waiting for Santa Claws | Texas, a cat in... Austin

…to have fun – this is Boxing Day!…

Boxing Day | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Boxing Day 2013 | Texas, a cat in... Austin

…and to be thankful and to make resolutions.

I am really thankful for the readers of my blog: that’s you! I thank you for taking the time to stop by, read, like and/or comment on our posts. My human knows too well that time is a rat precious and never allows for humans to do everything they want to do. You are there for us when we laugh at our humans, when we need purrs, to share showcase treats. All of you, I consider my Furriends!

I also received many awards that I have not officially accepted yet (but I am about to). As a way to say thank you to my Furriends, I have created a brand new award that I am introducing today. The “Share the Love, Share the Box” Award (on Boxing Day, ain’t that appropriate?) is a way to say thank you on this special day of December 26. I want to keep the rules simple so without further ado…

Share the Love, Share the Box Award | Texas, a cat in... Austin

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award, and link to his/her blog
2. Post the award on your blog
3. Share the award with five bloggers and let them know!
4. Go find a box and have fun with it (optional but highly recommended!)

My five nominees are:
– Nissy of Nerissa’s Life
– Binky of Angelswhisper2011
– Hisia of Bleue comme Aby
– Sammy of One spoiled cat
– Sparkle of Sparkle the designer cat

It was really really difficult to give it to just five bloggers, but I hope the award will be shared, so all of those I wanted to share a box with will eventually get one!

I received other awards that I want to accept too.

Nerissa nominated me for one of his own awards, the Friends and Followers Award.

Friends and Followers Award | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Thank you so very much, Nissy! The rules are very simple.

1. Firstly, you need to post the award on your blog.

2. Secondly, you need to thank the blogger givin’ it to you and, if you don’t already, follow them. You can follow by e-mail or feed or a reader or any other method available. That even includes just checkin’ in with them every day or so if they don’t have any kind of followin’ method set up.

3. Thirdly, you need to pass along the FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS award to a few readers whom you know already follow you.
I know the award has already circulated so my apologies if you already received it. My nominees are:
– Binky of Angelswhisper2011
– Eirwena of Journal d’un chat : les aventures d’Eirwena
– Kjelle Bus of Charlie Rascal’s Destinies and Adventures
– Quill and Greyson of Housecat Confidential
– Flynn of Eric and Flynn’s Adventures

4. And fourthly – which is also lastly – you need to let ’em know. Let the bloggers to whom you’ve given the award know you did so.
Will do as soon as the post is published!

Franny’s Feline Film Forum has nominated me in November for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I already have it but I want to thank you so much for thinking of me!!

Magdalena Vandenberg nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I already have it too but I also want to thank you for thinking of me!!

There are others but I want to make a separate post because this one is already long enough.

Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy plenty of boxes every day of the new year to come!

45 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Furriends, Boxing Day, and Awards

  1. Oh-wow-oh-wow-oh-WOW! Thanks so much! I LOVE your new award. Thank you so much for presentin’ me with such a beauty. LOVE IT!

    Also must say…. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOXES! You have a pretty amazin’ collection of ’em. Excellent collection of boxes, for sure. Aren’t boxes just great?

    Nerissa’s Life recently posted…home in time for ChristmasMy Profile

  2. Texas my friend it looks like you and Kitshka were having a ton of fun on boxing day……I love boxing day but I think EVERY DAY should be boxing day! As for your new award – I love it and thank you for nominating me to be one of the first to receive it…..I’m SOOOOO honored and I’ll pass it on to others who are “appreciators of the box” !!!! I hope you, Kitshka and Milou will be coming by on my birthday to say hello. I love you all……….

    Hugs, Sammy
    Sammy recently posted…WoweeeeeMy Profile

  3. Félicitations pour ton award Texas.
    Nous on se demande ce que c’est que la signification humaine de “Boxing day”. En France ça n’existe pas.
    Pour les chats … là on a compris. Moi je ne suis pas attirée par les boites. Nat à Chat elle dit que c’est dommage .. elle préférerait vraiment que je rentre dans des boites plutôt que dans les trous que je trouve dehors. On se demande bien pourquoi.
    Avec Kitshka vous avez l’air d’aimer les boites !
    Ton nouvel award il est très beau. Merci beaucoup de me le décerner. Je veux bien l’accepter, avec un grand plaisir mêle, mais forcement il n’y a pas de photo de moi dans une boite …
    Plein de ronrons.
    Hisia – Nat à Chat recently posted…Chronique désordonnée du temps de NoëlMy Profile

  4. We hope you had a great Boxing Day. It’s so cool that they have a day dedicated to kitty’s playing in boxes. MOL. Concatulations on your awards. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  5. Bonjour les copains !
    Félicitation pour les nomminations et les awards !

    SVP, pourriez vous demander à vos maîtres de mettre un traducteur intégré à votre blog, parce qu’on n’arrive plus à faire traduire vos pages avec google … et notre Chatdesîles “rame”avec votre langue …
    Câlinous et ronrons de nous deux

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be our best year, ever.

    And just to start the year off right, why not stop by for a visit to my blog today. There’s a special little somethin’ waitin’ for you over there.

    Nerissa’s Life recently posted…HAPPY NEW YEAR!My Profile

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