The Saddest of Updates: Texas Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Dear Friends,

This is Carine, Texas’ human. I am saddened to update his blog to let you know that my beloved kitty Texas has crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon.

He was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and probable congestive heart failure just two weeks ago. We knew from that time that his days were numbered, I just hoped we would have a little bit more time. He was only 10 and a half.

I am grateful that I have spent ten years of my life with him, and that he agreed to spend his life with me. Texas and I had a special bond together that will never be broken. He brought me so much joy and happiness, he was a very good friend. He was also the smartest cat I have ever met. I am also grateful that I was there with him when his time came, although I was unable to help him.

Below are a few of the last pictures I took with him. Yes, he looked very healthy, and he was besides his heart problem, which makes the whole situation even harder to accept.

I’ll try and write some more by the end of the week, hopefully, probably next weekend. Milou also has his own health problems and has lost a lot of weight lately, but he’s holding on to life. Kitshka is doing well, although she’s left without her big brofur/role model/mentor/partner in crime/bff.

Texas took with him a bit of my heart that was legitimately his to take. I miss him. I miss him so much.


Texas and the Gang | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Texas, Kitshka, and Milou – September 27, 2016

Texas' Pawsomeness | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

“Wait human! Is that the can opener I just heard?” – October 1, 2016

Texas, the Boss | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Texas stealing my chair when I was working from home – October 3, 2016

72 thoughts on “The Saddest of Updates: Texas Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

  1. Oh Carine. My heart is breaking for you. It’s such a shock when it happens so fast. Losing a cat is always hard, but when it’s a soul cat like Texas, it’s devastating. You’re in my thoughts.

  2. I am so so sorry to hear this. I am so happy you had 10 years with your handsome Texas and wish it could have been longer. A lucky kitty he was to have you and live a good life where he was loved and respected to the very end. All kitties deserve that kind of good life. I know you will keep him tucked close to your heart.

  3. I read this with such sadness in my heart. We loved Texas, and we really missed have missed him since he hasn’t been blogging except on the rare occasion. I have a sweet photo of him with Lisbeth when they went to Sammy’s costume party. I truly understand about his taking a piece of your heart with him. Please accept my condolences and sympathy as you grieve the loss of your very special boy. Hugs, Janet and Kitties Blue
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  4. Carine I am so VERY sorry for your loss – we just loved Texas to bits – in fact ALL of you…….having “moved” with you here and gotten to know you – and missed you as you got so busy you couldn’t blog as often……but we ALWAYS loved Texas and his spirit and fun. All I can do is send you a big hug from me and Sammy (who has his own health issues these days too!)…………….

    Love AND hugs, Pam and Sam
    Sammy recently posted…Pre-Tease MondayMy Profile

  5. Ohh… this is not what I wanted to happen! Carine… we are here for you. I have considered you a role model of sorts, since my Abys moved from the US to Sweden. Texas hunts with StarClan now.

    My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

  6. I understand and share your sorrow, my dear Carine. Texas was so extraordinary, clever, sensible, funny! I am grateful for the time we spent together with you I can’t believe that he is gone. It’s so unfair! For sure he will be in our hearts forever. I wish you a lot of courage. Hugs.

  7. I am so very sorry for your loss, Corine. I’ve often wondered about Milou because I knew he had health problems. I never thought Texas would be the first to cross the bridge. Texas looks so young and healthy in the above photos while Milou looks so very, very thin. My condolences to you as you grieve for a very special kitty named Texas. Hugs for dear Milou and Kitshka ♥

  8. This is so sad; we send soft purrs of comfort and consolation to all of you. Dear Texas, we know you will be watching over your forever family as you run free and enjoy the delights of the Elysian Fields – may you rest in peace.
    Purrs … Rainbow

  9. Carine my heart is just breaking for you. I am so shocked to read this news. Texas was your “soul kitty.” It’s hard when any pet passes, but losing a soul kitty is simply devastating. Sending gentle ((hugs)), love and my deepest sympathy. I am so deeply, deeply sorry.

  10. Carine, I am so sad to read this news. There is a hole in your heart and in your home. Please gather your other kitties around you and have them help you get through this time of grieving.
    I send biggest hugs and purrs to you.
    Ann Boyajian recently posted…Three Bad KittehsMy Profile

  11. Oh no…not Texas! I’m so sorry to read this sad news. This post moved me to tears. I know you and Texas are following Mr. Bowie from the early years, more than 4 years ago… I always loved your posts about Texas and his furry friends.
    Please cherish all the beautiful and warm memories of such a lovely sweet friend deep in your heart. My thoughts are with you, Carine.
    Herman recently posted…OB-6My Profile

  12. Godspeed your journey to heaven Texas, we are truly sorry and send our sincerest sympathies to your entire family. We send hugs and loves too them all; ♥♥♥♥♥ boomer, dai$y, tuna, dude and sauce ~~~~~~

  13. Oh dear, we are so very sorry to hear about dear Texas. We know how difficult it is, our Moses went through that several years ago. It was always a joy for us to see Texas and he touched so many hearts. Love and hugs from all of us here.

    Brian & Family

    p.s. I’m flagged as spam I think, trying alternate info.
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  14. Carine, I know this is a blow to you. Texas and you were so very bonded. You projected his personality so clearly I believed I knew him personally. You and Texas were some of my first blogging pals. And you were the only person I felt I knew when I and you attended our first Blog Paws. I have always been very grateful that I know you personally. I missed Texas when you found work that gratified you and kept you so busy you could not blog often. And what fun we had with Jet doing our VBP Blog Hop. I still have so many wonderful graphics from then and lovely photos of Savannah’s pal Texas. I no longer can find your email so please send it to me at rodgerslcr at gmail dot com. I will keep Texas in my heart forever. I cannot stop my tears since I read this post. Love you and love Texas

  15. Texas was a breath of fresh air to us, we loved each post and he made us smile, so his loss has hit us like a thunderbolt.

    We missed him blogging and will miss him so much more now.

    Texas was something special, really special.

  16. Carine I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved Texas. I lost my Abby to HCM in 2013. They do take big pieces of our hearts, but I know it was all worth every tear to share the time that we had with them. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  17. Spitty and I are very very sad to hear of your loss. Texas was a super-cool kitty and he had a wonderful life with you–he could not have had a better Human. Much love and Spitty’s very best purrs to your family, Human and Feline.

  18. Carine, we are so sorry to hear the heartbreaking news of Texas’ journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a special cat, and the two of you had an amazing love. Thank you for loving him so much, and sharing him with all of us. Hugs, purrs and prayers…

    Kevin, Tracey, Gracie and Zoe

  19. Oh no!! These news sadden my heart, Carine, and my thoughts are with you. Of course we know that our beloved 4-legged companions will leave us some day, but it is still hard to bear when they do cross the rainbow by. Take best of care,
    P. S. : this is a post I couldn’t find it in my heart to “like”

  20. I haven’t been around in a long time, but I am so very sorry for your loss of sweet Texas. I too, have lost two cats to HCM. 5 years and 4 months old. It was genetic. I know your pain, I feel your pain. Texas was lucky to have such a caring owner. <3

    Rest in peace, Texas.

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  22. I’m here to pay my respects to my furriend Texas. *bows head* I’m sending comforting purrz to those he left behind. He’s looking down on you and knows you will meet again. I hope he meets my honey Buzz and they become furriends.

  23. Carine, je suis tellement désolée et triste. Pas facile d’écrire avec les larmes qui coulent.
    Texas etait encore si jeune.
    C’est tellement compliqué de perdre un bout de son coeur, de son âme.
    Texas à gagné ses ailes d’anges, parti chasser, jouer, attendre là bas où n’existe que le bonheur.
    Toutes les condoléances.

    Texas que ton chemin vers les étoiles soit doux. Namaste

  24. I am so sorry, Carine! Such a shock and just heartbreaking! Texas was one of my earliest blogging buddies! He was just a bit older than me, it’s no age at all! Mum and I send you gentle hugs and purrs xxxx

  25. Comme je comprends votre peine , c’est un arrachement tellement cruel de les perdre . C’est une épreuve infiniment douloureuse . Texas était magnifique et vous lui avez fait une belle vie . Il est désormais invisible mais il ne sera jamais absent car votre coeur est sa maison pour toujours .
    Repose en paix Texas , nous ne t’oublierons pas . Beaucoup de courage à vous . Caresses à Kishka et Milou

  26. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. This came as a shock to Granny and me, and we are writing this between our tears. He was too young, far to young :D I don’t know what to say… Soft Pawkisses to comfort you, Kishka and Milou <3 <3 <3 RIP my sweet furriend :'(

  27. I am so sorry, Carine. Thank you for sharing Texas with us. Sending love and prayers to you and the kitties. Rest peacefully, Texas.

  28. We are so sorry to hear that Texas has gone over the Bridge. We send purrs and prayers of support. Fly free dear friend until that day we all meet again.
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  29. We are so very sorry to read that Texas has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It is always so difficult to say goodbye. You gave him a wonderful life, and may you always remember him with a smile.

    The Chans and Family

  30. We were so sad to hear that you had to say good-bye to your baby boy,Texas, Carine. We know he had a wonderful home, he had a wonderful family with all of you and we know that you loved him very much and very well. May he rest in peace and may the empty space in your heart made by the piece of your heart that Texas took with him, soon fill with all the love he was so grateful to receive from you. We are sending you love and hugs. Your friends in Vancouver, Canada, the critters in the cottage and their Maman Sophie XO

  31. Je suis désolée d’apprendre cette triste nouvelle. J’ai perdu mon chat Caramel il y a à peu près un an. Je compatis avec toi. La nuit dernière mon Caramel est venu me visiter dans mes rêves, une petite consolation.

    Tendresse, Louise

  32. I’m so sad to learn of Texas going OTRB…. May you always feel his love surround you. ((HUGS)) & #ComfortingPurrs PURR PURR PURRRR

  33. Oh Carine, I’ve not been able to blog hop much and was just about to skip when I had a feeling the something happened. I’m saddened for the loss of dear Texas. It’s a fresh shock so be gentle with yourself with no pressure about blogging. I could bear to blog about Merlin until a month after he’d died. Take your time and purrs to all xoxox

  34. Hello Carine.
    I just came back to your blog. I’m dado for the news. I just lost Luna, Kitty’s sister, a month ago. I know she’s healthy now and maybe she will find a very good group of furry French teachers. My heart is with you.


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