Kitshka in the House

Hiya everyone!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

I am very excited to be taking over Texas’ blog. I want to continue his legacy and study humans–what a task!–only probably the blog is going to be a little more girlie than it used to be. I am after all a pawsome ladycat and I want to share my secrets for pawsomeness with my furriends!

So what happened the past few months? A LOT! Enough to ruffle my fluffiness!

Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

The female human and I still miss Texas furry much. It was very hard to learn to live without him. Then the humans had to let Milou go, and for a little while I was the only kitty in the house. Nobody to give me a bath! I tried to teach the humans by showing them a little on their bare skin – ew! – but they’re not as smart as we are and they didn’t get it that they had to do it to me too!

Then the humans adopted Whiskey (more in his introduction post soon). I am not sure whether the female human thought I’d think this was Texas or she thought Whiskey was close enough to Texas, but I am not stupid! After all, I am a cat! This was not Texas!

Nevertheless, Whiskey is rather nice (except when he is trying to play with my beautiful fluffy tail!) and a good companion.

Kitshka & Whiskey Holding Paws | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

Then, it becomes a bit hazy in my mind. That’s when Texas’ expertise as a humanologist would be helpful. I remember good vibes mixed with bad vibes for a while. The female human talked about a roller coaster. What is that? I know how to make a coaster roll, but a roller coaster? Anyway, Texas had taught me that humans kissed because they sometimes try to do that to us, and I got really good at avoiding the female human when she tried to do that to me! It’s ew! But between humans it’s the same as cat headbutts apparently. So good vibes.

What I do not like at all is when humans talk very loudly and it happened too… and I swear I saw them hiss! Something close!

Now we live in a new place, which I like very much. It’s smaller than the house where we used to live, and I feel more comfortable with that size.

Kitshka & Whiskey | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

We is me, Whiskey, and the female human. The male human is not here. I liked the male human. I liked to headbutt him on the chin when he had what the humans call a beard (really, can’t they call it hair?!). I like the female human too, and I’ve been sharing my pawsome energy with her a lot because she needs some purr therapy badly! She’s very nice with us and she gives us liquid treats. But it’s not the male human. I don’t understand why the male human is not here anymore though. The other day, the female human came back from behind the big door and she smelled like him. I rubbed my beautiful fur on her so I could keep some of the smell with me. Do you think the male human has become invisible or something? The female human is extra nice though… but she feels the need to try and grab me and hold me close between her arms. They call that a hug. Also I let her kiss me on the head sometimes because it feels like it makes her happier. Also she plays the cat-o-pole with me!

I don’t know how Texas was doing, because I don’t understand humans. And I don’t think Whiskey has a clue either!

Whiskey & Kitshka | Texas, a Parisian Cat in America

What have you all been up to? I look forward to visiting all your bloggies and making new furriends!

P.S.: Can someone tell me how to get the female human to change the color of this blog to something more girlie like… pink?

21 thoughts on “Kitshka in the House

  1. Kitshka, I totally understand what it’s like trying to take over a blog started by some other kitty! I had to do it, and I was a little overwhelmed at first… but then, I was only 5 months old! I’m sorry your human has had to go through some difficulty, and I’m sure you miss your male human, but I’m sure it is all for the best. I look forward to hearing more about Whiskey – he looks like a great pal!
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  2. Hi Kitshka! First of all I’m sure it was confusing when the male human disappeared but it’s one of those things humans do sometimes and usually in the end, it was the BEST thing – it’s just a big adjustment for everybody. Seems like Whiskey is a good companion for you – at least you have someone you can talk to about stuff. Humans are pretty confusing! I’m glad you, Whiskey and the female human will be a great “team” in your new home. One thing I know is that you, Whiskey, me and lots of other friends are lucky to have a home with a human who loves us. Wish I knew how you could make your blog pink – I bet you’ll figure it out – we kitties are SMARTIES!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy
    Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy recently posted…Sparks on MondayMy Profile

  3. Hi Kitschka,
    happy to hear/read from you, and that you’re taking Texas’ blog over. I’ll be looking forward to further editions. :)
    I’m glad you have Whiskey as a new companion, and that you like your new smaller place. Enjoy!
    Take care,

  4. Hi Sweetie,its good to see you again.I’m afraid humans love to give kisses and cuddles but I quite like them so I’m sure you will too.Whiskey looks like a cute fella so I can’t wait to see what you both get up for changing the colour of the blog your human just needs to customise the background with pink or some pink girlie background image,xx Speedy
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  5. my stars girl I’m already a follower and will be looking forward to reading all your fashion tips, tricks, secrets for FAABulousness, banking online without your mom’s purrmission, jewelry tips ~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

  6. Bonjour gentille Kitshka , que de changements dans ta vie . Mais tu vas vite t’habituer surtout avec ton petit copain Whiskey. Fais des gros câlins à ton humaine, les montagnes russes , ça dure parfois longtemps . Caresses petit cœur et douces pensées pour Texas que je n’oublie pas.

  7. Nice to meet you, Whiskey ! You’re doing a great job blogging, Kitshka ! The more you’ll do it, the easier it will be, you know. We’re sorry about your male human, humans stories are sometimes too complicated for us kitties. Purrs

  8. Bonjour Kitshka,
    Ton nouveau copain a l’air sympa. Et c’est vrai qu’il ressemble à Texas.
    Que de changement dans ta vie. Les histoires d’humains c’est … des histoires d’humains. Trop compliqué pour nous les chats.
    Maintenant c’est à mon tour d’être seule et malheureuse. Ma “soeur” Loustiquette est tombée brutalement malade. Une de nos vetos est venue le Lundi 30 Octobre à la maison pour l’aider à franchir le Rainbow Bridge. Tout le monde est déprimé.
    Mais la vie doit continuer, pour toi comme pour moi.
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  9. Hi Kitshka! It is rough when things change so much isn’t it? You are going to do great, maybe you can do pictures as a background, old and new so that Texas will still be part of the blog but it will be brighter? Hopefully Whiskey will become a great friend like Texas for you. We had a lot going on to for awhile and didn’t get to visit blogville much but we are trying to be back with our friends too. Hopefully we will all start healing together :)
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