October 8, 2017: Below is what used to be Texas’ main “About” page. This page will be updated in the days following the post on his tribute.

My name is Texas and my human, that goes by the name of Carine, is definitely a cat person. So she helps me run this blog, as my time is often busy, between napping, playing and eating, little time is left for the Internet.

I was born somewhere in France, on April 4, 2006. I don’t know where exactly. Neither does my human. She often says she wished she had known my mother and father. I don’t know why exactly. I don’t remember my mother too well actually. I was taken from her when I was a kitten.

My human’s husband bought me in a pet store in Paris, sur les quais de la Seine (sounds chic, right?). I was my human’s birthday gift. She chose me though. It was love at first sight. Well almost.
Sometimes she reminds me of how the shop assistant introduced me as “le p’tit catcheur de la bande”, in English “the little wrestler in the group” of cats she had to sell. Sometimes I bite, true.

Well, I have character she says. You bet I have. I’m not any other cat, after all. I’m Texas, the former cat from Paris, now living in America.

When my human moved to America, I lived somewhere in the suburbs of New York with my human, her husband, my half-brother and my half-sister. My human kept on calling her husband’s cats my half-brothers. I don’t understand why. They stole my food and toys all the time yet refused to play with me. Oh well.
Unfortunately, only one of them is still with us now, and that’s Milou. Grouik has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
But the humans adopted a kitten, Kitshka, and I can finally play with a furry friend!

Then we moved to the state named after me (Texas), near Austin, with Milou, Kitshka, and our humans.

Hope you like my little Internet blog and that it makes you smile. If you have questions you can send them to me at texas-at-texascatny.com.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Have a feline day!

Texas, a Cat in New York

(Updated: December 26, 2015)

78 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Hi Texas….gee….I’ve never met a cat born in Paris before…..my parents have been to your “hometown” several times. I’m not a traveler (unless you count my occasional adventure in our woods out back as “traveling”). It’s nice to meet you…..AND your half-brothers too!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Hi, Texas! We are so happy to meet you. We love cats and live with 3 super sweet ones. Thank you for following our blog so we could find yours. We are looking forward to getting to know you. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. we are gonna have soooo much fun together you won’t eve notice that your stuck up half bro’s don’t give ya the time of day…seriously, I’m not kidding…hang on pal…heeerrrrreee we goooooo…..

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  5. I love the picture “I choose liberty”, hilarious!!:) I also have a beautiful cat, he is in Sydney and always ready to play.. would be great if you two could meet!:)

    • Hiya!

      You are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by too =^.^=

      About my name. My human likes the United States very much and she also likes Texas a lot (although she wanted to live in New York but that’s another story for the humans to argue about).

      When she and her husband, then boyfriend, visited the animal house on the quai de la Seine, my human first asked to see one kitty. She liked the kitty but she said he seemed a little too shy to live with Milou and Grouik (you bet!). So the store assistant took me out of my cage (I was hiding behind) and said that I was “the little wrestler in the group” of cats. My human started interacting with me. We played. She seemed to like me and I liked her because she was playing with me and had a big smile on her face. Like I said it was like love at first sight.

      In less than 5 minutes I was adopted =^.^=

      Of course I had played my beautiful yet valiant cat role and it worked! And since I was valiant and strong, she pondered for a minute about a name in the store and almost immediately came up with Texas!

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  7. Thank you, Texas-cat, for visiting my blog and for signing in. My granny is a great animal and cat lover, like myself, and she likes your petit peu stories. We come back later to see more of your stories and pics, I have to learn some French now :)

  8. I’m so glad to know your blog, Texas! I appreciate Rumpydog who put your blog on his monday blog swap! Me and mom have also a cat (his name is Shiro means “white” in Japanese who is half-blind, who was adopted by us 2years ago. Since then we are big fans of cat,too! I’m very sorry about what happened to Gouik… but we never forget to have met this cute handsome and charming cat, Grouik through your blog. *pawhugs*

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  11. Thanks so much for following my blog! I’m so happy that this brought me back here to you. Altho a dog is the queen in my house, she is really a cat in disguise. She’s a yorkie who thinks she’s a cat. :)

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  13. as being a German kitty I can tell all Germans love the sound of french. One of my huMum´s favourite french expression is “trés chic” … often meant tongue-in-cheek MOL

    Love your bloggy! xxx

  14. Bonjour Texas! I’m a French kitty too, and I travel too! (I’ve not been as far as New York yet though!) You seem super cool! I look forward to hearing all about your glamour puss life in New York! Bisous Bailey. =^.^=

  15. Ah ha..another transplant. I was born in the UK and my sister in Germany and we live in Minnesota. We brought our 3 German cats with us over here but they have all gone over the bridge and we have 2 American cats now with us 2 dogs and our mom. Nice to meet you!

  16. Hello, Texas!! Ravie d’avoir fait connaissance avec toi! en plus tu ressembles beaucoup à Filou!! C’est super, ce blog me plait déjà! caresses d’une humaine au Maroc!

  17. Hi Texas! Thanks for following my blog, Jo’s Journal. If you like, you can make a new friend – Purdey, whom you can meet on my other blog, The Hazel Tree (www.the-hazel-tree.com). Lots of purry wishes!

  18. I am coming to new york within a week. Is there a store or theme café in ny with cats? Or cat shelters in Manhattan to visit?
    greetings Sandra a cat lover

    • Hmmm not that my human know, regarding cafes. As for shelters, unless you are planning to adopt, I’m not sure visiting shelters is very practical, especially since many shelters use Petco and Petsmart stores to show kitties for adoption.
      Hope it helps!

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  20. Hi Texas! My name is Rufus, and I’m a white Persian. My owner told me about your Internet blog. You are very beautiful, if I may say so. I will visit you again soon. Ppuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr! :)

    • Chalut Frimousse,
      Thanks for visiting my bloggie!
      You know, we can speak in French if you want, I was born in Paris ;-)
      In the U.S., we call male cat lovers “cat daddies” ;-)
      Bonne semaine !

  21. Hi Texas, you have a really cool blog! We love it! We are so happy to meet you! :-) You, Milou and Kitshka are three very beautiful cats! We are looking forward to reading more from you all in your posts… :-)

    Kitty hugs,
    Roxy & Tigerlino

  22. Ah ok tu es donc française, je peux écrire dans ma langue natale LOL

    Je me suis inscrite à la newsletter.

    Amicalement. Dani (Lyon)


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