We Got An Upgraded TV and TV program!

Hiya my Furriends,

We are here, in the state named after me, and we are getting settled. The humans are extremely slow to do anything though. It took them 2 – TWO! – days to reassemble the bed, and almost a week to reassemble our tree!!!

The worst part: the people installing our Internet connection won’t be here before next week! Hmpf. I had to beg my human to post this via her… iPhone. So visiting will still be like… non-existent. Sorry. We feel like falling asleep!

But I have to say we have received some advantages. We have a new scratch post/lounge.

And the bestest: we now have a large, flat screen TV to watch Bird TV… AND we now receive Deer TV too!!

(Yeah, I wasn’t too pleased that Milou was photobombing my purrfect picture on the first shot)

So we are good for now. I will post a retrospective of our trip and how we the humans handled it when we get the Internet. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great week! Until next week, the posts will be light and we might not be able to always comment or answer comments.

Oh and I changed my banner. It’s temporary. I’m not sure of the future name for my blog. This important matter deserves a nap!

Lots of purrs!

Belated Thanks on Caturday and an Update on our Cat Tree

Despite the craziness that is our house these days, we want to take a moment to thank you all for coming to my Gotcha Day Pawty and to Kitshka’s Birthday Pawty.

I know! This was almost a month ago! But I just wanted to stress that we really appreciated, despite the silence!

My human (who is obviously at least partly responsible for the craziness), would also like to thank all of our readers who wished her a happy birthday (again almost a month ago) via my blog (she thanked those who posted wishes on her blog already – hmpf).

My furriend Easy had sent this pawsome card for her:

And I had ordered a gift for my human’s birthday. A gift I found at Mollie and Alfie‘s shop, here. Lovely cat earrings I paid for with my human’s paypal account kibbles for Alfie.

Well, my furriends added a lovely bracelet with it! I was very happy (because Kitshka played with and broke my gift to my human, a hairball bracelet!) and so was my human! She was very moved! She loves both the earrings and the bracelet!

Look at these!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the both of us!

Mollie and Alfie sell cat and doggie stuff (if you care for doggies!). Check their online shop when you have some time!

In other news, you might have seen that the humans have disassembled our cat tree and put it in a box yesterday? Well, Kitshka has a plan (again!). She has seized the male human’s tools and plans to re-assemble our tree during the night!

Does anyone by any chance has the assembly notice though?

Happy Purrthday, Mademoiselle Kitshka!

Happy Purrthday, Mademoiselle Kitshka!

Thank you all very much for your wishes for my/my human’s Gotcha Day and for coming to my pawty and for visiting my bloggie! We are late on visiting again but we do our best to visit you every time we can!

Today we celebrate Kitshka’s first birthday! Are you ready?

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

Kitshka: Smile, Texas, this is for my birthday
Texas: I think I had too many mojitos

Kitshka received some nice cards from Furriends. Sammy and Easy sent her these lovely cards:

Kitshka sends bisous to the both of you!

She had chicken & duck stew topped with freeze-dried shrimps and a Kitshka-size dollop of cream cheese (which she attacked first).

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

It wasn’t easy for my human to take pictures because Little K is quick to eat anything in front of her.

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

And if someone tries to steal her food, she has the situation in her paws…

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

Texas a Cat in New York; Texas; Kitshka; birthday

Then came the gifts, with which she immediately started to play!

Can you tell she likes feathers? She likes her new snake too!

After all these adventures, our happy, one year old, Mademoiselle Kitshka is napping.

We are all so happy to have you in our family, Kitshka. Even if you are a little crazy, we all love you to bits =^.^=

This post has been turned to pink in honor of and to remember our Furriend Skeezix who has recently crossed the Bridge.

Happy Gotcha Day to me my human!

First things first: I want to wish a very Happy Purrthday to the beautiful Sparkle!

It so happens that today is also Cat World Domination Day (like everyday, but today a little more!), so remember to visit Sparkle on these two impawtant occasions!

This is also Jewel’s purrthday. Please join the pawty at Fur Everywhere! Happy Purrthday, Jewel!

This is also Derry’s purrthday, at Fuzzy Tales. Likewise, please join the pawty! Happy Purrthday, Derry!

Now, I am sure you are wondering: “why this strange title?” Well, today is the day my human saw me for the first time 7 years ago and decided to adopt me. But on this Cat World Domination Day, I want to be honest…

***suspenseful music ***

We kitties all know too well that whenever we get the chance, we really are the ones choosing our humans. So today is really our day, or the day I got my human ;-)

Like I was writing yesterday, I trained her all these years to be a good human: play time, nap time, cuddle time, not-too-much-tango time, treat time, etc… But today, for my Gotcha Day cake, she made a mistake. Can you spot what is missing in this chicken-salmon stew topped with a piece of fresh salmon and rabbit treats?

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

You got it: nip! I had to wait for her to sprinkle some before I could eat.

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

Thankfully, she put some on my favorite carrot later too and there is plenty of stew AND nip to share with all of you! Mmmmmh! Yummy!

[Click on any picture to biggify]

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; chicken stew; treats; catnip

And that’s not all! She made some cupcakes to my glory.

Well, the kitties don’t exactly look like me even though they’re obviously ginger cats (I have a PINK nose, human, remember, this little pink nose you love so much and also my beautiful whiskers are white) but that’s a first try, so she has to work on it. And of course, your humans can have one!

[Click on any picture to biggify]

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; cupcakes; cat cupcakes

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; cupcakes; cat cupcakes

Texas a Cat in New York; Gotcha Day; cupcakes; cat cupcakes

My human will post how she made them on her blog, so I’ll update this post later today, if you are interested.
UPDATE: here is what my human used.

In the meantime, let’s pawty!

The Week To Come: Celebrations, Celebrations, Celebrations!

Hiya Everyone!

Sorry we have been posting and visiting sporadically lately. I was hoping to catch up today but my human spent hours on the computer and then… she went for a walk in the forest!!!

Here is what she got when she came back:

Texas a Cat in New York, cat tree, talk to the paw

Talk to the paw.

Now for the fun part. Next week, there will be a lot of celebrations! Which means nip and treats!

Monday, June 24
This is Sparkle’s birthday! Yeah! And this is also Cat World Domination Day!

This is also the day I have chosen my human, 7 years ago! I have to admit, after 7 years, I still have to train her everyday. Well, we’ll see if she comes up with something I can be proud of tomorrow…

Wednesday, June 26
This is Kitshka’s birthday. She will be one year. Can you remember this pic of her? It was months ago!

She’s grown up now but she is as pretty as ever!

Thursday, June 27
This is my human’s birthday. Not that we should care… except that she usually gives us extra treats because it’s her birthday. In the end, 7 years of training have yielded some good results too ;-)

Have you got something special to celebrate this week? Let us know so we can celebrate with you!

BlogPaws: The Good, The Bad, And The Furries

I thought that I would do a short review of my representative’s human’s experience at BlogPaws.

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaws

“Better late than never,” say the humans. This is a very wise human saying, except when food, treats and play time are concerned. We, kitties, need the attention when we need it (often this moment is now). This review is overdue but what can I do? I work with a human (you know, the species that invents sayings to excuse themselves for their mistakes).

Also, I would like to paraphrase a very wise human, Jackson Galaxy, who, at the Strand Books event a couple of weeks ago, said something to the effect that animals don’t make excuses, there’s no “yes, but”… they just go (my human is not sure – see what I mean?! – of the exact quote, hence the paraphrase).
So let’s not sugarcoat this short review (kitties have no appetite for sugar anyway), but let’s also give the applause when it is due.

Let’s start with the positive.

My human really enjoyed her time spent at the conference and I really enjoyed what she brought back to us. Most of of what she brought back (see “bad” section). Mostly treats, and also some litter that she won from the cat lounge. We really, really liked the Natural Balance Perfect Bites Rabbit Formula!

My human said she learned from each presentation she attended (and there were many options).

What she loved the best though was meeting my furriends’ humans! In no particular order: Curlz and Swirlz, Sparkle, Feline Funnies, The Island Cats, Savannah’s Paw Tracks, Twinkletoe Tails, The Conscious Cat, Catsparella, Sebastian the Sensitive Soul, I Have Cat, Riverfront Cats, Cat in the Fridge, Zee & Zoey, A Tonk’s Tail, Tails from the Foster Kittens, Random Felines, Cattywumpus, Glogirly, Cathy Keisha, Cat Chat with Caren and Cody, Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, BJ Bangs, Brian’s Home… if I have forgotten anyone, that’s my human’s fault!

Among those bloggies, there are some that we discovered thanks to my human going to BlogPaws and meeting their humans! My human also talked and exchanged with many doggie bloggers.

And we have to give extra special thanks to my furriends from Curlz and Swirlz and their human who gave my human a special treat bag for me us kitties (and the human)!

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaws

Isn’t it super nice?

My human really enjoyed talking (mostly cats, she claims) with my furriends’ humans and said it was a well needed break for her (whatever that means… she’d better not talk about a break from us!).

She also liked to be able to see some of my furriends’ blogs win an award!

This is Plush Nerissa, with her Best Blog Writing award:

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaws

And this is Glogirly accepting the Best Cause Blog award for Fire Safety Rocks (this is cool!):

[If you cannot see the video on this blog, click here to go to YouTube]

Overall, she said it was pretty well organized (she organized events before so she says she has a special eye [what?!] for this). She thinks that some of the communication could have been done a little better though and there is some room for improvement (the details are boring, so I “ctrl + X-ed” here – You’re welcome! She mentioned this in the survey).

Now for the Furries.

Here are some of the pics she took (they’re not all good, I wasn’t there to snoopervize!) of furry friends:

It is said that my human held a ferret, but I have yet to see the evidence. My human did meet with Odilia, and I am fine with this =^.^=
I am very disappointed that my human did not bring me one of the chicks that were there though.

My human felt that kitties were not set on an equal footing paw as doggies (a dog swag bag for cats?) and here too, there is room for improvement! This is a Cat’s World too too too too! Stop adding the “too,” human!

Anyway, if you have read through this, thank you! Here is the real short version of this review (What do you mean I could have started with this? Humans are never happy!!!)

Was it worth it? Yes.

Did my human have fun? Yes.

Did she learn something? Yes.

Can BlogPaws offer an even better experience? Yes, we’re sure they can (hint hint… kitties!)

But what about the bad, you may ask? (You did ask, right?)

BlogPaws’ humans are not responsible for the “bad” part. My human is, and since she brought this from BlogPaws, I mention it here.

Can someone tell me what THIS is supposed to mean?!??

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaw

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaws

Want to know what I think about this, human?

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaw

Texas a cat in New York, BlogPaw

BAD! I am NOT fat!

Monthly Caturday Kitty Links – April & May 2013

Two months ago, I inaugurated a series of posts with links to non-cat bloggers who post pics of kitties from time to time.

I had asked you if you were interested and you overwhelmingly said yes (well, the two who answered no might still want to check my linkies ;-).

Of course, I missed the April issue, because of several reasons, and now I have the equivalent of two months of links. So, let’s not waste more time!

When is the last time you’ve cleaned your screen? If you have to check one link only, this is the one.

April Links

Have you met Rollo? With 2 Ls, unlike the caramel/chocolate.

Just Feline.

Chipmunk TV anyone?

Can you find Kush?

Awwww moment.

Another Greek kitty.

And have you met Snowy?

Friday is enjoying the sun.

Humans love a good purr therapy.

And have you met Teddy? I love how he trained his human!

Storage box not yours, human. It’s Herbie’s now!

Look at the kitty at the kitty at Old Fort Niagara: he looks a bit like me!

There are new napping positions released so often these days!

Finally, have you met Zoey the Cool Cat?

That’s it for April! My guess is that you need a short break. So here’s a picture of me and Little K (from yesterday’s video) =^.^=

May Links

A box is always appreciated!

Kitty art!

Something seems to be bothering this kitty.

Yep! Humphrey is definitely prettier than a dahl =^.^=

Callee is a pretty, pretty girl! I wonder if K is part Norwegian Forest too?

And let’s end with an equally pretty ladycat: Star!

That’s it for this month! Hope you liked some or all of the kitty links we selected!

Waiting for the human

Waiting for the human

My human is coming back today. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go back to visiting all your bloggies – if not tonight – tomorrow.

While waiting for our human, we wish all humans who were at BlogPaws and who are traveling back home a safe trip home!

(I know, the picture isn’t very good, but that’s the only one my human left me with!!)