Bookstore Cats of NYC: Hayes and Rainer at Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers

Bookstore Cats of NYC: Hayes and Rainer at Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers

Today we are going to the neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, to meet with Hayes and Rainer, at the Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers bookstore.

Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Hayes – which can be spelt Haze, too – is the mostly black, tuxedo kitty.

Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Rainer is the tabby and is a tripod.

Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers | Texas, a cat in... Austin

My human went to this bookstore twice because the first time, she only got to see Hayes. She did met Rainer the second time and was glad she did come back: Rainer was really affectionate.

According to the person my human talked to, Hayes and Rainer have been there for 10+ years and enjoy sleeping on books.

Here are some more pictures.

[You can click on any pic to biggify and open the slideshow]

Once again, we would like to thank the bookstore humans for letting my human take pictures of the resident cats.

Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers
218 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Bookstore Cats of NYC: Tiny at Park Slope Community Bookstore

Bookstore Cats of NYC: Tiny at Park Slope Community Bookstore

One day, my human was reading an article about a bookstore in New York City. The article had nothing to do with cats (I know!). To her surprise though, she discovered in the article (she cannot find the link again, sorry) that the bookstore in question, the Alabaster bookshop in New York, had a resident cat.

She got an idea: find out about this kitty and other resident cats in NYC bookstores!

She looked on the Internet and found different old articles including this one, this one, and this one. All included bookstores in New York, but they were not recent.

My human learned, for example, that the kitty from the Alabaster Bookshop had crossed the Rainbow Bridge about 4 years ago. The Alabaster Bookshop is a book lover heaven (according to my human), with books piled everywhere. Apparently, the kitty loved to find hiding places in there!

Humphrey from the Drams Book Shop in Manhattan is now living with his human, and Francis from BookCourt in Brooklyn has moved in with a new family.

She wasn’t lucky either when she went to Babbo’s Books on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn. The bookstore had just been sold and was closed. She has no idea what happened to Holly.

Then she went to The Park Slope Community Bookstore in Brooklyn.

Park Slope Community Bookstore | Texas, a cat in... Austin

She knew the bookstore, but had never entered. It is extremely unlikely for my human not to visit a bookstore. She had first spotted it thanks to this:


Yes, the kitty! Little did she know there was a real one in the bookstore at the time!

When she went back last summer, she learned that Sir Marjorie Lambshank III had unfortunately crossed the Rainbow Bridge (he is pictured in the second article linkie above). But she got to meet Tiny!

Park Slope Community Bookstore | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Tiny is said to be good-natured… only when he feels like it =^.^= He let my human took some pictures though, so she thought he was a really nice kitty.
According to the bookstore humans, Tiny was part of a litter found in front of the store. His litter mates were all adopted and scattered around the neighborhood. He has a polydactyl brother the bookstore humans still hear about.

Here are some more pictures.

[You can click on any pic to biggify and open the slideshow]

My human and I would like to thank Tiny and the bookstore humans for letting my human take pictures of the star of the store.

The Park Slope Community Bookstore
143 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 783-3075

Next week, we will stay in Brooklyn, but we will go to Williamsburg!

A Cat Lover Dream Team: Jackson Galaxy & Gwen Cooper at Strand Books NYC

A Cat Lover Dream Team: Jackson Galaxy & Gwen Cooper at Strand Books NYC

Those who are furriend with me on Facebook (it is still time to add me!) may have seen that my human attended an event at Strand Books in the place called Manhattan, last Tuesday: a talk between Jackson Galaxy and Gwen Cooper.

[For those wondering, the kitty on the left is NOT Gwen Cooper. I don’t know who the kitty is.]

So I wish I could have been there of course! But having my human go was the next best thing! She had Jackson Galaxy’s book signed to me and she took some pics and notes.

There was a large audience and not enough chairs for everyone. Also it was really hot this day. It was the day before we started having a lot of rain and cold temperatures again.

When Jackson Galaxy and Gwen Cooper arrived, they were welcomed with a big warm wave of applause!

They, of course, talked cats! Gwen Cooper was playing the interviewer and Jackson Galaxy was answering. What did they talked about?

  • How Jackson Galaxy came to be working with cats:
    He said that he loved all animals and when he started working in shelters, it wasn’t about dedicating himself to cats specifically, but cats were all over him (hey, they knew! ;-), so that’s how it all started.
  • On the mystery of cats:
    He totally believes in cats having and keeping a part of mystery.
  • On shelters:
    Things are changing a bit and there are less killings, but he also talked about some kind of “entrenchment” in some shelters. For example, he said that when he was suggesting some changes in some shelters, they would not consider thinking about it, because that’s just not the way they’ve been used to functioning.
  • On cat daddies:
    Here too, things are changing. The image of having a cat being unmanly is slowly starting to change. When Jackson Galaxy asked how many were in the audience, about 20 men raised their hands. He mentioned this kind of meeting used to be 90% women.
  • On cats “exterminating” birds:
    He said the numbers given by those accusing cats of mass-murdering birds were just not realistic, cats cannot kill so many (billions) of birds!

Those are some of the points that were discussed. The audience could also ask questions, but general ones, no personal questions on everyone’s kitty. The entire discussion lasted about an hour.

My human said both Jackson Galaxy and Gwen Cooper seemed very nice as humans (apparently it is important to her too – if she says so!).

Here are some pictures of the both of them. At the end of the post are links to their books!

Jackson Galaxy, Gwen Cooper, Strand Books

Jackson Galaxy, Gwen Cooper, Strand Books

Jackson Galaxy, Gwen Cooper, Strand Books

The winners of the poetry books are…

Hiya everyone!

I know you are waiting for this post so, without further ado… here are the winners of the poetry books contest!

The 3 winners of 4 kitty books are:
– Mary
– Eirwena
– Dawn

The 3 winners of a doggie book are:
– Mollie and Alfie
– Marjorie
– Melinda

The winner of the collection of poems “Les Chats de Saint-Sulpice” is:
– Layla

Concatulations to the winners! And thank you to everyone that entered!

You should have received an email from me by now! If you haven’t, please check your spam filter. If it’s still not there, please leave a message in the comments.

I know many of you had hoped to win the books on cats and those that won the book on dogs might be a little disappointed. I am sorry that there were not enough cat books for everyone. If you won one of the books on dogs but are not interested in it, please let me know and I’ll randomly draw someone else!

Phew. All this was a bit tiring. I think I deserve a nap. That is, if a certain someone isn’t asking for a bath…

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry Giveaway: 2 Poems

Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry Giveaway: 2 Poems

I decided to wait a couple of days before posting the poems to make sure everyone would see the main post for the giveaway.

Then, when I was ready for my human to post the poems… she was busy reading. She devoted her free time to finishing the lovely book Love Saves the Day, which she absolutely wanted to finish once she had started it!

Anyway, when my human interviewed Henri Monnier, author and publisher of the books you can win, he authorized her to copy and translate 2 poems on my blog, for my readers. All rights reserved.

My human tried her best to translate the two poems I chose, but she thinks a little is lost (most of the time) in translation, especially in poetry with rhymes and sometimes a certain number of feet. Also many words in French which have the syllable “cha” (sounding like “chat” or cat in French), used purposefully by the author, are lost in the translation.

The first poem is a tribute to ladies who give food to feral cats. The poem can be found in the collection of poems “Les Chats de Saint-Sulpice.”

Discrete Charity Charité discrète
I will never say it enough
Oh! all the good we must think of
Brave ladies with their fragile hearts
That travel all the city parts,
To bring enough to erring cats
To let them pounce on this and that.
Je ne dirai jamais assez
Tout le bien qu’il nous faut penser
Des braves dames au cœur fragile
Qui s’en vont à travers la ville,
Apporter aux chats vagabonds
De quoi faire encore quelques bonds.
They don’t care ’bout those mocking them
People with very little brain,
And other, bigger fish to fry,
The weather might be wet or dry
These ladies leave some sustenance
To cats considered a nuisance.
Indifférentes aux railleries
Des gens qui n’ont que peu d’esprit,
Et d’autres chats à fouetter,
On les voit hiver comme été
Déposer quelque subsistance
Aux animaux de la malchance.
All these cats with so sad a fate
Were abandoned on any date
Because of undignified people,
They hope for a sign or signal
To be happy just like before,
Is it a plea you can ignore?
Tous ces chats au triste destin
Abandonnés un beau matin
Par la faute de gens indignes,
Ils n’attendent de vous qu’un signe
Pour être heureux tout comme avant,
N’est-ce pas un peu émouvant.
If you have a delicate heart
To give your smile, it would be smart
To the aspiring old lady
Who heals a cat, or a doggie,
And even if it is not much
Your act is a good cause as such.
Si vous avez le cœur sensible
Souriez tant qu’il est possible
A la vieille dame qui vient
Soigner un chat, peut-être un chien,
Et même si c’est peu de chose
Vous servirez la bonne cause.
She got no legion of honor,
Never does she get a flower,
She finds her very own reward
In always being straightforward
And she takes from her small pension
What she needs for her good action.
Elle n’a pas la légion d’honneur,
Jamais elle ne reçoit de fleurs,
Elle trouve sa récompense
En agissant comme elle pense
Et prend sur sa maigre pension
De quoi faire sa bonne action.
She is discrete in her process
She never does try to impress
But do not think for a second
That she doesn’t like the children,
She only endeavors to say
In her own way, a little prayer.
C’est une personne discrète
Qui ne cherche pas à paraitre,
Mais ne croyez pas pour autant
Qu’elle n’aime pas les enfants,
Elle essaie seulement de faire
A sa manière, une prière.

The second one is about how we, kitties, need to be loved, too. It can be found in “Sa Majesté le Chat.”

Cuddles Cajoleries
Jumping about, pouncing, running,
Having fun with next to nothing
You’re so fragile, as you snuggle,
Yet wonderfully indocile
You’re looking for some affection;
Playing the card of seduction,
Like nobody has done before
And when it works you purr some more.
Tu bondis, tu vas et viens,
En t’amusant d’un presque rien
Et tu te blottis, si fragile,
Merveilleusement indocile
En quête d’un peu d’affection ;
La carte de la séduction,
Tu la joues bien mieux que personne
Et quand c’est parti, tu ronronnes.
You make the most of the torrent
Of cuddles and the contentment
Of my strokes that bring you calmness,
You’re so looking for tenderness
You are using all the assets
That only nice tomcats possess,
We are always caught in your game
You too need to be loved the same.
Tu profites nonchalamment
Des câlins et de l’agrément
Que te procurent les caresses,
Tu recherches tant la tendresse
En usant de tous les atouts
Que possède un gentil matou,
On est pris à ton stratagème,
Toi aussi, t’as besoin qu’on t’aime.

****You have until tomorrow 11.59 pm to enter the giveaway here. Please enter via Rafflecopter if you want to win one of these books! Good luck everyone!****

Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry & Denis Boissier’s Cat Illustrations + a Giveaway!

Henri Monnier’s Cat Poetry & Denis Boissier’s Cat Illustrations + a Giveaway!

About a year ago (I think), my human’s mother went to a book fair in Paris and bought the following books. She sent them to my human and my human and I loved them very much. So we gave a mission to my human’s Mom: get some more copies so I can share them with you, my furriends. I’m glad to say that she completed the mission successfully. Thank you! =^.^=

These are small books (less than 20 pages, except for “Les chats de Saint Sulpice” which is a collection of the others) but very nice books of poetry and illustrations on cats. There are 4 different books of poetry on cats. Oh and yes, there is one on dogs, too.

The poetry is in French. Those who know French will really appreciate the talent of the poet, Henri Monnier, and the way he is playing with words. Poems are sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes both and much more. We can really feel a true cat lover behind the plume.

If you don’t speak French very well or not at all, you can use them to practice ;-) But the books are also full of beautiful black & white illustrations (a couple in color) by artist Denis Boissier.

In any case, it will fit nicely in your cat books collection! And they are not really easy to find, even in France!

Tomorrow, I will feature two poems, both in French and with a tentative translation from my human. Today, I am featuring an interview with the author and publisher, Henri Monnier. He was nice enough to talk on the phone with my human last December.

*** What do you have to do to win one or more of these beautiful books? Use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post! Answer the two questions and follow the other options if you want to win more chances of winning. The giveaway will end on Saturday and the winners will be announced on Sunday!
The giveaway is opened to all countries. There are several prizes to win: 3 sets of 4 poem books on cats, 3 poem books on dogs, and 1 collection book of the poems on cats. ***

Now here is the interview with Henri Monnier.

Could you introduce yourself and talk a bit about the books?

I am 81. I am a publisher and I had the opportunity to work with many artists. I have many French as well as foreign artist friends. As a publisher, I dedicated myself to artists.

I wrote on several subjects. I wrote poetry on life, love, death. Cats made the most successful subject though, and they helped me get noticed and better known. Some of my poems were even published by Hachette. Thanks to cats, the public learned about me.

Cats always have a lot of success!

My poems on cats come from my collaboration with an artist friend, Denis Boissier. Unfortunately, he died too young. He was drawing illustrations of cats [those in the books] and I wrote the poems to go with them. He was an incredibly talented artist!

Can you tell us a little more about the cats that shared your life?

I had many cats during my entire life. Next to my workshop, there is a little garden and stray and feral cats always come. You give then food and they come back. Sometimes they stay. They climb on the roof to bask in the sun, they walk in the garden. They generally come one at a time. In winter, sometimes they come near the stove to get warm.

Some never come back. Some cats are absconders. I had a tuxedo cat, a grey cat, and a calico female cat who was insolent! You have to be really patient as far as some cats are concerned. You have to adapt to them.

I have just buried a cat. He died of old age. That’s how things are. Most of my cats lived to be about 15. That’s a nice age compared to 1 or 2 years for a cat abandoned outside.

Cats are wonderful. They have their habits and at the same time they’re full of surprise. Sometimes they hide in places we would never imagine. It keeps us entertained!

I also wrote a book about dogs but it was less successful.

Among your poems, what are your favorites?

My first collection of poems on cats [Caresses et coups de pattes — Strokes and Paw Blows] was the most successful one. The cat from “Lapalissade” [play on words between lapalissade – statement of something obvious – and la palissade – the fence], a stray cat, was very successful. He really existed! He was a neighbor’s cat. Actually, all stories are real cats stories. “Mon chat et moi” [“My Cat and I”] was quite popular too.

See you tomorrow for two poems!

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