Mondays Are for Memories: Snow Is Weird and Cold

Today’s memories are not very old: they date back to January 2012.
My human was certain to have pics of me in France experimenting snow for the very first time on a balcony, but she cannot find them right now.

***Short pause to look at her with airplane ears***

So here is my first encounter with NY snow. Of course, we get a LOT more snow here when it snows than in France. In any case or country, I think it’s cold and has little interest, really.

If you cannot see the video, please click here.

Mondays are for Memories: A Day in the Forest

Mondays are for Memories: A Day in the Forest

Where my human’s Mom lives, there is a small forest nearby. My human and her husband brought me there a couple of times when I was still almost a kitten (about 5 months old on the pics).

I loved it! I was on a leash (my human was frightened at the idea that I could run away) but that was still pretty cool. I could smell the different plants and animals. I could climb trees. It was a great adventure!

The pics are not that great because my human had just bought her DSLR and she was learning to use it. But they’re still good memories =^.^=

Grouik the hunter and his umpteenth chipmunk + Captioning Milou

First of all, thank you all for your funny captions of Milou’s pic, yesterday. We, kitties and humans, here loved them all!

Milou especially liked Animalcouriers’ Oscat award perspective! We also imagined mixing Sammy’s and Sparkle’s view of a cat-shaped marshmallow blind date ;-)

Thank you all! You really made us laugh!

Now here are some pictures of my other half-bro Grouik with yet another chipmunk that he caught.

Believe me if you want, but the chipmunk managed to survive and escape (pics are displayed in order – my human wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of the chipmunk jumping on the tree and escaping). I think Grouik is voluntarily letting them go. He just wants to look good with the humans.

Me? I was on the couch training, not too far away from the AC.

Exclusive news: fresh catnip plant was really catnip… is really catnipilicious too!

Remember that my human brought back home some fresh catnip some time ago? Indeed, I offered some to a good furriend. Also I reported that contrary to my half brothers, I couldn’t smell the nip from the plant.

Well, I thought I would give it another try, now that what was left of the plant had had time to mature a bit.

Hiya! Let’s smell this plant to see if it’s really catnip



Ooooooh… Smells good… let’s taste it…

Gimme more!

Oooooooh la la… it feels so good…

Looks like the nip only needed to “ripen” for it to really feel good! Delicious! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap… Is there some nip left? Just asking…

Enjoying the sun outside

My furriends, I am so glad to say that the sun is back and I am enjoying myself outside!

I also played with my human, making myself clear that only I decided when she could get a picture of me, using Milou’s and Sparkle’s techniques. See? No picture please!

There’s also plenty of activities around.

What’s that?

What was that sound?!

Pfft, that’s only Grouik!

Mondays are for memories – The snail

Have you noticed how humans generally hate Mondays and tend to do everything thinking about how the weekend was so nice and why is it that Monday’s already here?

In French, humans have a funny expression to illustrate the phenomenon. When they are asked “how are you today?” on a Monday, they reply “Comme un lundi !” meaning “Like on any Monday!” which would really mean “how do you expect me to be doing? It’s Monday!”

Frankly, I don’t understand that: Monday is just another day. But… that gave me an idea for a series of posts.

Before I had my own blog, I had my own Facebook page (I couldn’t have a Facebook profile because of my name… go figure!), and even before, my own Twitter account.

On my Facebook page I shared some pictures of me that I liked, when I was still living in France. So I thought I would share some of them with my new furriends. And hopefully those who have already seen them will enjoy seeing them again.

So Mondays are for memories (of the past weekend, or the past year). And my first post in the series is about my encounter with a snail (snails are for how humans look on Mondays). Hope you like them!

Rain brought something interesting: a snail!

Wow, it’s moving slowly

What’s the smell of snails?

Hmmm… is it really moving?

Hello snail


A little too slow for me…

Maybe we can play.

Can you roll?


Catnipilicious… not.

Well, finally my human takes some time from her schedule (really, I couldn’t care less about other things she had to do) to take care of my blog.

But I don’t want to blame her too much because she thought about me this week and brought me stuff from a place she calls Manhattan (?!).

First, she came back with Maru’s book which we will read this weekend and I can talk about it later next week. Yippee!
She also bought something for herself that was wrapped in white, thick paper. My kind of paper! Of course she kept it for me!

But most of all, she brought, guess what? Catnip. Well, the plant. Well, what is supposed to be catnip. I could not recognize the plant as catnip though. Strange.

But I can only assume it was nip because someone was having a good time…

After just a few minutes, Grouik was so under the influence of nip that the humans feared he would try to fly and fall from the deck. That was embarrassing.

That was yesterday. Today, Milou and I decided to inspect the so-called catnip together.

Nope. Still didn’t smell like catnip to me.

On the other hand, guess who started to lick the plant…

Again, a bit embarrassing.

As for me, I guess I’m more of the dry-catnip type than fresh one. Oh well… I wish I had an olive instead.