Changes from Us

Changes from Us

Hiya! It’s me again!

Can you believe it? Two days in a row!!

Well, okay, this is mostly an admin post to let y’all know that some changes are to be expected from my bloggie in the weeks to come.

I had a serious talk with my human. Like this.

Texas | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

She did do most of the talking, but she agreed to try to spend more time helping me with my bloggie.

First, we are moving my blog subscriptions from email to Bloglovin. Apparently she prefers this method now. Whatever brings results I meow! So if you see my email address being unsubscribed from your mailing list, this is because we are moving the subscription to Bloglovin, not because I’m gonna stop reading your bloggie.

Second, my human told me she won’t be able to spend the time she used to spend with my bloggie because apparently she has other things to do. Like work. Other work. Sigh. Hiss.

Third, we might change the name of my bloggie for two reasons: one, some of my furriends now call me Austin. My name is Texas. Two, she feels like changing it because she thinks “Texas a cat in NY” was funnier than “in Austin” due to my name. Anyone has a clue what she’s talking about? Is it just human gibberish?

So there you go. Hopefully, this will help in the process of getting me back online!

Purrs to all!

The Now Bi-Annual Update

Dear Furriends,

I hope you are all doing fine. As you can notice, my human now seems unable to help me update my bloggie more than every 6 months or so. I’m thinking about starting a cat blogger union against such practices, what do you think?

In the meantime, I started a sit-in to force my human to work on my next post. Looks like this is working so far. Not sure how long I can keep her in one place though.

Sit-in on my human's lap | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

Otherwise, we’ve been keeping busy… me finding new comfy places to relax (does this pic make my tail look long?!)

Chillaxing in the sun | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

…Kitshka daydreaming…

Kitshka is daydreaming | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

…and Milou being Milou too! (He still hisses when he sees me. My new policy is to slap him from time to time)

Milou bookcased | Texas, a Cat in... Austin

What have you been up to?

It’s Caturday! Cats of Detroit

So, my human went to Detroit in July. Yep, another instance of abandoning me, even if only for 3-4 days.

She did think about taking pictures of the “kitties” she saw. I use quotation marks because I’m not sure they’re all kitties. You tell me!

Here’s a mural:

Mural in Detroit | Texas, a cat in Austin

Now these are tigers!

Comerica Park/Stadium in Detroit | Texas, a cat in Austin

Comerica Park/Stadium in Detroit | Texas, a cat in Austin

Ah! Here’s a kitty! Can you see the kitty?

Black kitty in Brightmoor, Detroit | Texas, a cat in Austin

Black kitty in Brightmoor, Detroit | Texas, a cat in Austin

Kitshka Got Herself What? A Tattoo?

Kitshka Got Herself What? A Tattoo?

See, this is what happens when the male human is in charge!

What? Er, yes I do want my daily treats, male human, why? Oh! No, of course I didn’t really mean that. **Purrs**

Kitshka and her sticker | Texas, a cat in Austin

Kitshka and her sticker | Texas, a cat in Austin

Kitshka and her sticker | Texas, a cat in Austin

Thanks Ceiling Cat! It is just a sticker! She managed to put it on herself alone. No seriously, no human involved!

What do y’all think? Is this proper for a Lady Cat to wear a sticker?

Issue With Comments

Update 2: My dear Furriends, I visited a number of you tonight and left comments for everyone, but not all went through. If you see I have liked your post but see no comment awaiting your approval (maybe since my human is posting my comments from this place far far away, it needs to be re-approved once), can I ask you to check your spam to tell me if my messages are going there?
I might not be able to get back to you tomorrow, but I will by the weekend! Thanks! Purrs to all!

Update: my comments aren’t showing on most WordPress blogs I am visiting :-(

Hiya Everyone!

Is anyone having issues with commenting on WordPress? I cannot comment on some blogs apparently. On some I can, but not on others, and I do not get the message that it is awaiting approval. I can like blog posts on which I cannot comment though.

I cannot post a comment on my furriend Savannah’s bloggie, for example! (tried at least 3 times)

I think it’s a conspiracy. (and not a conspiration… that’s French).


News From Us + Outrageous News About My Human

News From Us + Outrageous News About My Human

My Dear Furriends,

I am so terribly sorry that it has been almost 6 months now since I have posted anything here. We are all doing fine (as you can see below – can you spot Kitshka?), and I hope all of you reading this are.

Texas, Milou, and Kitshka | Texas, a cat in Austin

I know we have lost Furriends the past six months and I was terribly sad to learn the news. Yes because, from time to time, my human would go online with me, so we saw and we cried.

In other news, my human has proved to be clearly not able to handle a kitty of my stature. She is obsessed with her work – and happy about it! – and has little time for my bloggie.

Granted, she still took good care of us and played and gave treats and let me sit on the books she was reading (most of the time anyway). That’s until the end of August, when she abandoned us.

The human: Er, Texas, I did not abandon you. You three are in good hands with Milou’s human. I’m in the DC area for a temporary job. I will be back.

Yeah whatever. The male human refuses to type my blog posts. Now we have to Skype for me to meow my blog posts to you!

Texas on Skype | Texas, a cat in Austin

The human: That’s better than nothing at all, isn’t it?

The nerve. Yeah, but I don’t like Skype. How can you get into that box? It scares me a little.
Plus I bet you’re gonna miss me like crazy…

The human: I am missing you like crazy.

…and then you’re gonna do some stupid thing like, like… going to a shelter and adopt another cat!

The human: Hmmm, okay. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I can’t because I live in a house where there’s a little dog.

What? You live with a doggie?! No offense my doggie Furriends, but I feel offended. You left me for a doggie?!

The human: No! I…

That’s enough! I think I should get my old job I had in France, when I was a humanologist. I have to think about that. When can we visit my Furriends?

The human: Well, we’ll try to do it has much as possible but it won’t be possible everyday like before.

Hmpf. Okay. I don’t have a choice anyway. Alright, let’s prepare a couple of blog posts then. Although I bet everyone forgot about me and my bloggie in six months. All because of you!

Happy Purrthday to Me! I’m 8!

Happy Purrthday to Me! I’m 8!

Hiya my Furriends,

Sorry I have not been around. My human has been unwilling to help me much. Today is my purrthday so she “consented” to typing this post…

You’ll never guess what she said I’ll get for my birthday… She said she would help me visit you this weekend and maybe type some posts! I really cannot wait!

Milou and Kitshka are doing fine too, by the way! Milou has regained some of the weight he had lost because of his health issues =^.^=

Hope you will forgive me and wait for me while I wait for my human…

Texas waiting for his human... | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Many purrs to y’all!