Kitshka Friday: The Lady in the House

Kitshka Friday: The Lady in the House

I guess you’ve all seen what the humans have done with my emergency kibbles, yesterday. Well, I made it clear what I thought about how they acted. After the female human had gone, I threw kibbles all over the bedroom. That’ll teach them!

Since the female human is gone to some place where she is meeting other humans and some doggies (!) and kitties (!!) – Texas tried to explained but I didn’t really understand why she was going to something called BlogPaws while she had our paws blogging here… – I am the only lady in the house.

So I thought I would try what the female human is doing.

First, I slept where she usually sleeps on the human bed.

It was okay.

What I really wanted to try was her chair in front of her computer. Well, she left some of her stuff on the chair, but I could still sit on it. And there, it was the greatest place I had tried in hours!

It felt so comfy, I felt a little snooze coming…

Well, now I understand why the humans spend so much time in front of the computer: these chairs are the comfiest!

We were busy

Sorry furriends for not posting these past couple of days. I’ll be back to regular blogging tomorrow (when the human is ready to get un-busy) and I have some really cool stuff to show you!

In the meantime, check how Kitshka and I really got ourselves busy on the humans’ bed.



Supervising the human: “What are you doing exactly, human?”

After-work napping

Yeah, alright, Kitshka did pretty much everything. But heh! She’s a kid, she’s young! Besides that gives her the opportunity to learn!

Purrs to y’all!