We Got An Upgraded TV and TV program!

Hiya my Furriends,

We are here, in the state named after me, and we are getting settled. The humans are extremely slow to do anything though. It took them 2 – TWO! – days to reassemble the bed, and almost a week to reassemble our tree!!!

The worst part: the people installing our Internet connection won’t be here before next week! Hmpf. I had to beg my human to post this via her… iPhone. So visiting will still be like… non-existent. Sorry. We feel like falling asleep!

But I have to say we have received some advantages. We have a new scratch post/lounge.

And the bestest: we now have a large, flat screen TV to watch Bird TV… AND we now receive Deer TV too!!

(Yeah, I wasn’t too pleased that Milou was photobombing my purrfect picture on the first shot)

So we are good for now. I will post a retrospective of our trip and how we the humans handled it when we get the Internet. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great week! Until next week, the posts will be light and we might not be able to always comment or answer comments.

Oh and I changed my banner. It’s temporary. I’m not sure of the future name for my blog. This important matter deserves a nap!

Lots of purrs!