We’re Still Here

Sorry for the long silence, especially after Kitshka’s birthday.

Thank you so much to everyone for wishing Kitshka a Happy Birthday! She will visit your bloggie today and/or tomorrow to thank you herself since she is a big girl now. Wait for us to be back!

Texas a Cat in New York, Texas, Kitshka, cats, bed

The human is as always responsible for us being silent. Strange things are going on actually. My human is spending more time in the place called Manhattan. She’s been updating her blog a little bit while I was waiting of course! But it seemed impawtant to her.

But there’s something else.

There are cardboard boxes everywhere. A lot of them. But we’re not allowed to use them. I was kind of hoping the humans would do this, but apparently not. I only hope it doesn’t involve us taking a plane again!

Texas a Cat in New York, Texas, boxes,cat

Texas a Cat in New York, Kitshka, boxes,cat

Of course, Milou had to photobomb one of the pics!

Texas a Cat in New York, Kitshka, Milou, boxes,cat

Sometimes, this kitty is wondering what’s going on in his human’s head! What do you think? Will the humans build us a super tower?