Deaded toy + T-shirt with my name on it!

Many things happened while my human was doing something else than posting on my blog…

But first things first: thank you all for sending purrs and messages to Dayak. Her Mom left a message in the comments of my post to say that she was sleeping a lot due to the medication. We are waiting for more news and hope she is going to be better really soon. I keep sending purrs.

In other news, from my home this time, Kitshka has deaded another toy. Really deaded.

See, Spitty? This one has no magical powers I’m afraid and will not come back to life. It never was a favorite of mine or Grouik or Milou, but Kitshka liked it a LOT. As you can obviously guess. But that’s okay because we have other toys. More on this in the days to come ;-)

Some time ago, I was one of the lucky winners of a Purina Be Happy T-Shirt over at Cat Chat. Thanks to Cody and Caren!

So my human and I went to the site (actually their Facebook page) where we could make our own t-shirt. Because you see, the coolest part was that we could “make” the t-shirt the way it pleased us me. So I told my human to make it about me.

Guess what? Yep, she messed up. Check the t-shirt.

It is a very nice t-shirt but how is it about me?

Doesn’t smell like me…

Is the kitty supposed to be me? Just wondering because I don’t have any fishbowl to fish from here…

Here’s what I think about you making this t-shirt a tribute to me…

Busy busy busy…

Shhh shhh!

What?! Yes, human, you can wear this nice t-shirt… as long as you get me a fishbowl with a magical fishie inside, like Spitty’s

Actually, I don’t really need the fishbowl. I’ll be magnanimous (VBP): the magical fishie alone will do.

Thanks to Cody and Caren and Purina and Happy Caturday everyone!

Monty honored for saving his human

Congrats to Monty!

Monty’s heroics began with behaviour that Peter described as uncharacteristic.

Monty woke Peter up by nibbling on her left hand late one night. Peter said that this behaviour was strange as Monty never bites. But it was also strange because Peter’s left hand is the only hand that she uses to test for diabetes.

Initially, Peter tried to “shoo” her cat away, but Monty was persistent in keeping Peter awake.

Eventually Peter gave in to the demands of her cat and got out of bed.

Upon standing, Peter realized that something was wrong.

“I felt dizzy, disoriented, shaky. I couldn’t focus, I was nauseous,” Peter said.

By the time Peter made it to the kitchen, her blood sugar had reached a dangerously low 2.7. Even after Peter treated her sugar levels with medication, Monty would not leave her alone.

Monty stayed by her side until her levels normalized.

Read more about Monty here.