Product Review: Litter One

Eons ago…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Wouldn’t I make the purrfect Mascot?

Human: Texas…

Texas: What? You received the Litter One product back in June! Well, okay there was the move… Anyway…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Let’s proceed…

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Back when my human went to Blogpaws, a nice lady talked to her about an entirely biodegradable litter product that was just being launched and she asked my human whether she would like to try it. Indeed, the little leaflet said that not only was it an environment-friendly solution, but it took away the burden of cleaning the litter box from the humans, too. She was intrigued!

You see, as I mentioned before, an excuse my human often hears for not adopting a kitty is the litter box chore. My human doesn’t enjoy cleaning our litter boxes either but she thinks it is worth having us around! So she thought that if someone was to invent a solution that would make it easier for humans, maybe that could help!

My human received the Litter One Product for free to test back in June. But with all the boxes around at our old place, she thought it might not be a good “test” since we were already a little distressed worried by what was going on around.

Long story short: fast forward to September in our new home.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

My human waited for us to be well at ease in our new home. She decided to install the Litter One in her office room, while leaving the other clay litter boxes we are used to in our usual bathroom.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Inspecting the product…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka is inspecting the box…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

There was some assembly to do but with our help… well okay, with the help of the video on the Litter One website, it was easy, really!

Here is the video:

Here is me helping my human:

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Complete litter kit

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Litter is ready!

The human wants to say that it is really practical to use, for everything is included: the litter box, of course, the litter, a little scoop and poop bags.
The litter itself is made of pine pellets. It did look strange to us a little bit, although we had tried another such litter before.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Texas: Do you want to try it first, Kitshka?
Kitshka: why, no Texas, this is your blog, so try it first!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Kitshka and I didn’t want to try it at first. It is said that you can put a layer of your kitty’s usual litter on top of the pine pellets, if the kitties don’t naturally go to the new litter. But my human wanted to wait before doing it and it only took a couple of days before… Milou would go pee in it! Of course, I couldn’t let Milou be the only one peeing in MY human’s office’s litter box!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Covering Milou’s you-know-what…

I can’t believe my human took a picture of me in the act…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Where’s my pee? The pellets stole my pee!

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The pellets kind of disintegrate after a contact with a liquid and transform into some dust that goes through small holes in the false bottom of the litter box. So my human would only regularly shake the box a little to make sure the dust would find its way to the holes.

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

The transformation of the pellets…

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin

Milou and I regularly peed in this litter box but my human never saw Kitshka go in it. She closes her office room during the night so there is a good chance that Kitshka never tried it.

Another interesting thing is that not one single kitty pooped in it (sorry for the details but this is a fact!). We only peed in it.

All in all we liked this litter and the human says she didn’t sniff any odor at all!

We only have one reservation though: it is said that the litter can last up to 4-6 weeks. My human was impressed by that statement but not easily convinced. And in fact, after a little less than two weeks:

Litter One Review | Texas, a cat in... Austin


It is not surprising though because 1) Milou tends to pee in direction of the walls of any litter box (okay me too sometimes), 2) 2 weeks is already a lot in our humble opinion, when a usual litter needs to be cleaned everyday and changed every week at the very least! This one required low maintenance and lasted longer.

We think this is a nice product and my human also really appreciates the fact that it was both easy to set up and to throw away when it was time: she simply closed the box and put it in the recycle trash box! And of course, the fact that there was no odor was a definite plus!

I think the Litter One humans are on to something interesting and practical here!

Disclosure: One Litter One product was sent to us free of charge to try it. We were not asked to review it, but decided it was worth a review. We were not compensated for the review, or for my superb mancattitude posing on the product. Our opinions remain our own.

To finish, here are some “behind the scenes pics of us. Click on any picture to read our thoughts!

Dear Sparkle – Cat-to-Cat Advice from the world’s foremost feline columnist: A review

A little less than a month ago, I pawticipated in my first ever Twitter pawty. It was organized by Baby Patches of Nip and Bones and the beautiful Sparkle. It was a virtual book signing pawty for Sparkle’s book!

I was very excited and liked every minute of it. The beautiful Sparkle answered questions and pawtographed books like a pro. Of course, being a kitty, she is a pro!

The pawty ended with the olive on the tuna cake when I was first to answer the question asked to win a pawtographed copy! Look at the beauty on the right! (click for a bigger version)

“Dear Sparkle: Cat-to-Cat Advice from the World’s Foremost Feline Columnist” is a must-have for any feline, my furriends, and for many reasons.

The book is full of colored pictures of the beautiful Sparkle, and this only is a reason to own it. But the book is so much more.

Sparkle has collected letters from kitties from around the world that sent her their questions about kitty issues that you and I may well have encountered: from toys and games to dealing with strange human habits to litter box issues. Sparkle answers with wits, humor and charm (is there anything more charming than a Ladycat with repartie?).

I liked that the book was divided into sections related to different kinds of issues. I also absolutely loved the little “Sparkle Says” tidbits of wisdom here and there.

The book reads well and you can either read it from cover to cover, or pick and choose a letter and Sparkle’s answer. Even if you don’t have the issue mentioned in the letter, there is always something to learn from the expert. What better expert can you ask for as a kitty than a kitty? This book has been written by a kitty and you can clearly see it.

Open-minded humans will read this book and take it as a way to better understand their master kitty friend.

Conclusion: we give it four paws!

I mentioned above that I answered a question to win the book. It was about her next book, and it is going to be about cat rules for humans. I am eagerly waiting for this book and Kitshka and I have started applying rule #882, as you can see below (we were on the human’s hubby’s chair).

THANK YOU Sparkle, for this great book!
Furriends, Christmas is coming, this could be added to your list to Santa Paws ;-)