On the Road to Our New Home

Hello Kitties!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are on the road to our new home and are in Nashville tonight. My human was really excited: “Texas, do you realize you are in Nashville?” So?… Did we really have to move?

On top of it all, my human is taking pictures of us along the way. Seriously!

So, how is it going? I really hate the part when we are on the road. The first day, I made it known all day very loudly. The second day, the humans positioned my carrier differently and I was able to see the road. I like to do that, and then meditate, or sleep.

At the beginning, Kitshka didn’t know exactly what was coming and she had a very innocent attitude in regards to the whole adventure.

But today she had had enough and showed she had a voice, too.

Milou is not too pleased either.

But the good part is that we are exploring new rooms in the evening. The first night was a big room. But tonight is a smaller one.

Also, we get to test beds. The first night, the size of the bed was okay.

But tonight, the bed is a little small for three cats, especially since the humans insist on sharing the bed with us!

So, that’s how our life is these days. I hope you are all doing fine. Until we are settled and I can visit you again, I send you this lucky cat that my human saw at the local Asian restaurant they had dinner at tonight.

Have a great week!