I Am Officially a Cat Scout! And I Have a Partner for the Ball!

Dear Furriends!

I am glad to announce that I am now officially a Cat Scout! I have been declared Purrpared as I persisted in getting access to the Cat Scout site despite the fact that a goblin had probably deleted my confirmation email!

Today I am going to do some shopping with the human plastic card, to be even more purrpared! I think I will shop at Rei. They have lots of stuff that can come handy to a Tenderpaw. Look!


I am also very honored to go to the ball with Lisbeth of The Cat on My Head.
I would like to thank Speedy for suggesting Nylablue, and to Honey Delite of Pawsitively Pets for offering to come with me. I would have been honored to go with these two pawsome Ladycats too! I decided to accept the first official offer, which came from the beautiful Lisbeth!

Now I have to find out what to wear. I was thinking about being a gargoyle, like the ones in Notre Dame de Paris. What do you think? Do you think I’d make a scary gargoyle?