Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Outside The Box, Inside The Box: Think About It! It’s A Box!)

Many of you already know that tomorrow is Milou’s purrthday.
Turns out that he already had his birthday gift. Well, let me tell you a (human) story.

When we moved from New York to Texas, the male human was sure that they would forget our water fountain if they didn’t pack it with everything else. But my (the female) human argued that we kitties’d rather keep our fountain until the end – right – and that they could not possibly miss the only thing that would be left in the house before they leave – wrong. My human messed up and realized when we arrived in our new house that the fountain had been left behind. So we went back to drinking in a bowl for a while.

Milou, who especially needs to drink but never does, seems to have found a new passion for drinking water here. Don’t worry, he’s not drinking more than normal, but he is drinking, period (in NY the humans had to add water to his food because he rarely ever drank from either the fountain, or the water bowl).

To keep a long story short – well kinda – Milou (and Kitshka and I) got a new water fountain for his purrthday. And now you expect to see a picture of the fountain.

Well no, for what is more important than the fountain? Exactly! The box it came in! Want to come and join us? We are having the biggest fun!

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Could you guess that my human took pictures while lying on the floor? That was so easy to play with her too! Here are some photobombing pics!

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